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Is light velocity a constant?

Is the light velocity constant in all reference frames(including non-inertial frames)?

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    Seems to be.

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    No the speed of light is not constant. It will vary depending upon the medium through which the light is travelling. For example the speed of light through water is slower than through air, and that is slower than through a vacuum (e.g. in outer space).

    Einstein, in his theory of relativity proposed that the speed of light in a vacuum is a constant. He called this value c (as in his famous equation E=mc^2) and it has a value of approximately 300 million metres per second.

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    Till today,light velocity is constant. But I wonder it may not be constant tomorrow.

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    Velocity of light is constant in vaccuum and air at 3*10^8m/s.

    However, in optically denser mediums, speed of light tends to slow down depending on the refractive index of the medium relative to air.


    speed of light in air/speed of light in medim = refractive index of the medium relative to air.

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    yeah I think it should be...

    speed of light is exactly 299792458 metres per second or 3×108 metres per second

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    the only absolute constant, they say

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    check out that website.

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