What is there to do in Dayton, OH? I'm talking about Urban Night Life.?

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    1 decade ago
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    bars and stuff, and it's only 45 minutes or less from Cinci so you could always go there too for things to do.

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    It's been over ten years since I lived in Dayton. When I lived there, most of the urban clubs were hole-in-a-wall type of places. The night life is nothing compared to larger, urban-friendly environments. The Oregon District (downtown) is a good start. There was a place called The Night Owl that had some great live jazz. You might want to try hanging out at the clubs at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Listen to the radio and visit the barber shops and hair salons to find out where the best urban spots are today. There are also two historically black colleges in Xenia (Central State and Wilberforce) just ten minutes away where you might find a decent party. When all else fails, Cincinnati is a short drive away and has a much better night life.

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    Pro wrestling.

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