Good and bad areas to live in Brooklyn?

Could I get a break down of the good and bad areas to live in Brooklyn, NY? I am ideally looking for an area with cheaper rent that is still safe and close to manhattan.

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    Most "Manhattan-ized" areas of Brooklyn:

    Brooklyn Heights



    Carroll Gardens

    Boerum Hill

    Cobble Hill

    Park Slope

    Cheaper areas that are close to Manahattan:


    Ft. Greene

    Clinton Hill

    Prospect Heights

    Red Hook

    Areas to avoid:


    -Parts of Bedford-Stuyvesant (Bed-Stuy)--although some parts are quickly gentrifying



    -East NY

    *I know I left out large areas of Brooklyn, but from your question I am assuming you're only considering parts of Brooklyn that are close to Manhattan.

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    Williamsburg is a really nice area to live in.(Though they're kinda getting up there with regards to being expensive) Avoid downtown Brooklyn. It's kinda crazy out there. You can also try looking into some areas of Queens. Like Astoria, Woodside, Maspeth, Middle Village, Forest Hills, Rego Park etc.

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    Brooklyn Heights (next to Brooklyn Bridge but definitely not cheap)

    Park Slope (a tad cheaper than Brooklyn Heights)

    Greenpoint/Williamsburg (full of hipsters and NYU kids)

    Fort Greene (next to a large park and a prestigious high school-though certain parts of the park aren't safe)


    East New York



    Crown Heights


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    I would check out Bay Ridge which is a gorgeous scenic area (near the Verrazano Bridge) with lots of shopping/dining and about 35 minutes to Lower Manhattan by Subway.

    Also look at Boro Park, New Utrecht, Midwood and Bensonhurst. All safe (by NY standards) area convenient to subways and shopping. That is an issue in NYC! You'll be walking to shopping and some neighborhoods are not as good as others for selection or quantity of stores/dining/movies, etc.

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    Worst Part Of Brooklyn

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    The criteria that you are looking for doesn't exist. Try eliminating one of the options, like the cheap part, and you might get more results....

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