4th degree laceration last time, howdo you help you elasticity to prevent from happening again?

4th degree laceration (ripped from one end to the other) with my son.. I want to do natural birht again but am scared of this happening again! Any idea how to prevent this, like any exercises or messages? Thanks for any help!

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    that happened to me too and it is no fun but i dont know any exercises to help elasticity just to tighten and strengthen your muscles. the kegel exercises helped me heal pretty quickly. discuss it with your doctor at your next appointment, hopefully they'll have better advice! good luck :)

  • There is a technique called perineal massage that helps condition your perineum in anticipation of delivery. Check out this link for a how-to-guide.


    It's really important that you don't get an episiotomy. Women are told that it helps to prevent tears, but what it actaully does, is start you out with a "tear" that's already at least 2nd degree. If your skin and muscles are already cut and compromised, it stands to reason that it could very easily lead to further tearing.

    Also, your position during delivery can really affect whether or not you tear. The worst position for tearing is delivering on your back. Probably the best is on your hands and knees, or squatting. Water births also help with tearing as the water provides a counter-pressure on the perineum. If there is a person present at your delivery with whom you are comfortable, they can help support your perineum as the baby crowns, also preventing tearing.

    Good luck!

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    Well I never ended up doing it but massage the perineum (or however you spell it) in circular motions with some baby oil and you work on stretching the vaginal opening with your thumb I think. Look it up on the internet as there are plenty of diagrams and explanations for it. Good Luck! I will be scared for the next baby, I had no tearing at all with my first so I will probably get taken by suprise when I have my second lol

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    Kegals, Perenial massage, and avoid the episiotomy at all costs. Episiotomies increase your risk for tearing, they do not decrease them.

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    this is the job of your physician ; also, women should be doing pelvic exercises, belly dancing after babies to keep pelvic muscles healthy so you don't have prolapse of organs later on; our ob/gyns are not telling us there and low and behold when you are 50 , you find out that the muscles holding your intestines, bladder and uterus are so weak ; now hysterectomy recommendations; women need to do this when they are young and after babies to maintain better muscle tone for later in life

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