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a new style tattoo ink...!?!?!?

Theres a new ink out, where you can only see the tattoo in neon lights, like at a club, I was wondering if they were seen as tacky?


I dont want one.. I want one u can see.!

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    This type of ink has not been submitted to long-term testing, and so is not yet confirmed to be safe.

  • savitz
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    4 years ago

    extreme Voltage Tattoo (the studio) do take appointments. yet they're very high priced and the wait is long, seeing as you're in reality figuring out to purchase the call of the artist extra so than the customary of their artwork. they have a terrific variety of means clientele, so can especially plenty %. and decide what tattoos they choose/do no longer prefer to do. i do no longer think of they do many small/text fabric tattoos... in case you prefer to truly be on the instruct, there are types and stuff to fill in, and the community vet them, subsequently all and sundry having some uninteresting 3 hour long sob-tale noone cares approximately, that doesn't relate in any respect to a tattoo... yet There are plenty extra suitable tattoo artists accessible, and frequently for extra low-priced, in all threat shorter waiting record too. There are FARRR extra suitable tattooists accessible, something for each style, and a terrific variety of amazing ones in l. a. too. Even people who comprehend no longer something of tattoos, comprehend of l. a. Ink. plenty think of its the be all and end all of extreme high quality tattoos, yet its fairly, fairly no longer. So its who they gravitate in direction of whilst they choose a tattoo. they are actually not undesirable.. yet they are actually not spectacular the two. purchase some tattoo magazines, look on the cyber web, come across a tattoo artist you like. Even walking around looking by way of studio portfolios you're in all threat to locate somebody equivalent to l. a. Ink customary, probably even extra suitable. as a results of threat. $2 hundred minimum is plenty. What in case you have been purely getting an inch sq.? or have been there for one million/2 hour? My community save is £35 min (£60/hour), thats existence like and that they are very very solid. yet extra suitable regular tattooists will can charge extra.

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    Its been out, its black light ink. havent actually seen anyone with it, but y pay all that for a tat that no one can see unless u r under a black light... ???

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My wholesaler doesn't stock it, but I'll betcha it's pricey.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    here is a link for pictures.

  • 1 decade ago

    that sounds raw as ......

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