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help me! pleeease :-)?

In my math class, we're learning about linear programming word problems and i can't figure this one out!

-a new restaurant opened up and the boss have to pay each chef $120 per week and each waiter $70 per week. They need at least 2 waiters for each chef he hires.

-how do i set up the equations??

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    let x be: the amount of pay per week

    $120 + ($70 X 2)= x

    $120 + $140 = x

    x= $260

    hope this would help :)

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    They've asked you to set up the system of equations, not solve the problem.

    Let 'a' be the number of chef, and 'b' be the number of waiters hired.


    Cost of hires = 120a+70b ......(i)

    b >= 2a (b is greater than or equal to 2*a) or,

    b-2a >= 0 .....(ii)

    (i) and (ii) describe the system of equations.

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