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What are some good coffee brands or flavors to try?

I want something good that I don't have to add too much to for it to taste good. I'm not real big on dark roast.

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    I like plain black but French Vanilla isn't too overpowering and it's pretty smooth.

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    I prefer Gevalia French Vanilla, the coffee is very aromatic, the taste is smooth, not too strong. Their cinnamon is also very good. If you don't want to go to the expense of Gevalia, then check out local Supermarkets, if they have whole beans that you grind yourself, try them. If you want a coffee that you don't have to add sweetner or cream go for the stronger flavored coffees, the ones that have chocolate and/or nut flavorings are usually good ones. If you keep your cooffee in the freezer in an air tight container it will stay fresh longer. Have fun & enjoy!

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    Seattle's Best makes a good variety of regular and flavoured coffees. My favorite from them is the dark roast.

    Source(s): Bought some from Wal-Mart, Alamogordo New Mexico
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    The best brand is Nestle! Mmmmmmmm! It's good! But the best flavor is vanilla coffee!

    Source(s): My Favorite, I don't know about you!
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    Find this place:

    They sell take home

    Also try the 18% cream

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    Gevalia has a good reputation for good coffee.

  • 1 decade ago has the best coffee

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