Okay So if someone likes you?

If you think your crush also has a crush on you what would you do? I mean like would you ask him face to face, use tricks to find out for real or just do nothing and wait for him to come?

P.S. I'm asking cause I need help.


Hi everyone!

This is to people who have answered this question and my previous question!

I'm fairly happy, because well he likes me ^o^!

Our parents are both very strict though, so maybe we'll just be friends until we finished highschool!

Srry if I have just made you feel annoyed that I keep sharing when no one wants to hear it ^~^.

P.S. Even though my problem is solved, please feel free to comment for points or any other reason.

And yes I will still pick the best answer.

Update 2:

Nvm about the guy liking me, cause he doesn't anymore. waaaaaaaaah

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    1 decade ago
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    the best thing to do is just to be honest and tell the other person how you feel because the worst thing is having regrets!. Ask your crush out face to face , you have nothing to lose. This person may feel the same way and just be to shy to say anything. Even if u do get rejected ( which you probably wont if you think he/she feels the same way) theres plently more people out there for you. And at least you wont be stuck thinking "i should have said something while i had the chance'' because thats such a bad feeling.

  • 1 decade ago

    Have you ever sat and waited for a million dollars fall into your lap? My guess is, if so you are most likely still waiting...If you want him, go get him sweetheart! Don't use "tricks" though, thats never a good start to a relationship. If you are curious, you can ask him for coffee one night. And see where that gets you. At the end of the evening, ask him to call you so you can get together again (if you enjoyed yourself of course). That way the ball is in his court. If he calls to see you again, your crush indeed likes you back....and then, well...happily ever after of course! ;-D

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    Well, it may be a embarrassing problem when you are unsucessful. But I don't think it's a good way to hind your feeling. The regret you will have if you don't tell him that face to face. Don't care the result because you need to go the first step which is telling him. Hope it can help you. Be calm down first and think about how you want to tell him your feeling.

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    it depends what type of guy he is. if he's not shy and you've spoken with him and he knows who you are then go up to him and just ask him. it doesn't hurt to ask ( you'll know if your wasting your time or not ). if you use tricks and he don't know you exist your going to scare the boy away. or he will just think your crazy. and if you are 100% sure that he has feelings for you you can wait or do something about. date the boy 2 months from now or start dating him today. it's really up to you on how much you care for this guy

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well here's an idea that i recently used. If you wanna see if he feels the same way>>>

    Okay if you both have each others numbers-

    text him and say something like sorry if I'm annoying you but.... and ask some question or how was your day or something.

    Then its a good sign if he is like nah your not annoying me, i like talking to you or something like that.

    I also just though of this one, use like pet names to him like babe . like say your just so silly babe or something like that and see if he likes it or returns it and calls you a pet name back or something.

    ^^ that one is more daring i reckon i don't think i would be game to do that one:P

    Also like tickle him and stuff make him laugh, its good to do that i think it will make him see how nice and fun you are to be with- more chance of him feeling the same way!

  • 1 decade ago

    i will wait 4 him to ask.it's beta when the guy does the asking

    but whil i wait, i will always try to be in his coy and to always flash him wit mi sweetest smile at every opportunity. i will make sure he notices mi very gud qualities.

    show him care and concern, definetely he's goin to fall 4 it and ask mi out.

  • 1 decade ago

    Just go up & talk to him. If hes interested it will happen naturally.

  • If both of us like each other...Things will develop naturally

  • 1 decade ago

    whoa u should get another guy and show off in front of him then he will start to think about you again

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    1 decade ago

    personally if a guy liks me id only consider him if he told me so or used sum tricky way 2 let me kno

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