Do we think hip hop is dead cuz we r too old?

well im 23 and i hate all the new stuff. i like it in the club and all the dances im doing em but im not feelin it. it has no depth. see i remeber when Pac was on the countdown on the radio. so i luv the real deal. but can we not get with the times or what. the young folks r luvin it! my bro got souljah boy as a ringtone!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! u couldnt give it 2 me 4 free!!!!!

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    I think you aren't feeling it because it is FAKE. It's like a friend and I were talking recently about Gangsta Rap. Back in the day that was real. Now it is a bunch of people talking about the same stuff, who are living through the originals. They have no idea what the live is like. They wouldn't really go out shooting at cops or such. They just talk about it to make money. They live in their gated communities sheltered from the World they claim to live in. The point in this is that you probably don't feel the new hip-hop because it is fake. It isn't people that live the life they talk about. I don't listen to hip-hop so I am not sure.

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    Nope. HIp hop died around 2001. After a while it became a jingle or a ringtone, selling the latest fashions and cars. Also, when hip hop was at its greatest, with Tribe, Nas (Illmatic), etc...not many white kids listened to it. Now that they do, they have to go with the sterotypical view of the ghetto, and not conciousness. Will they ever play a group like Blackstarr or Blackalicious on the radio? I doubt it, because it promotes free thought, and as we see in the media, (reality shows, game shows) the whole goal is to keep the public complacent and not open. Sorry for ranting, but I think the death of hip hop symoblizes more than just music.

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    No.. absolutely not. I'm 14 and I HATE new rap..

    I mean like seriously.. A Bay Bay? That's the STUPIDEST song in the world, same with I Get Money.. I could come up with a song better then that in a couple seconds..

    Nowadays it's just a bunch of wannabe gangsters.. 2pac was real, he actually lived in the ghetto and so on.. I don't know.. I still listen to 'pac, I just wish they would play him more on the radio..

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    I agree with you 100%. I am 33 and I have a 13yr old son. I feel sorry for him because he cant understand the roots of hip hop. I came of age in the 1980's when it was at it's peak.

    What can we do to stop all of this self degrading, self hatred, and plain old non-sense, that is on the radio. I dont buy it, or listen to it, most people feel the way we do but music companies continue to pump out that mess. WHY?

    Can we start a letter writing campaign to radio stations? What can we do? I think it directly corealates with the success of our young people today.

    Well thats my SOAPBOX. Thank you for asking this question.

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    Well, I am a little younger then you, I am 19. And I agree with you. I will dance to it but the last hip hop album I bought was Kanye West's first album. I just recently ordered "Graduation" but only because of that little bet. I do think that with age your music taste's change, like I find that I am more into Jahiem, Lyfe, and Musiq, then I am into anything else. But I think that the music does, for lack of a better term, suck. All of it sounds the same (T-Pain), some of the songs are just downright stupid and seem like they are thrown together in 5 minutes (Hay Bay Bay- Hurricane Cris), and no one is original. I keep hearing them quote older rap songs and its annoying because if I wanted to listen to that song, I would have put that song on. I am ranting but long story short its not our age, the music is just bad.

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    Most of the crap on mtv is designed for young ones to watch, even though they say it isnt, shop, chicken noodle soup, soulja boy....its pissing me off. I cant sit through listening to some person shouting ignorant lyrics of a rap song. I mean give me a break people!

    Crank Dat Soulja boy lyrics:

    Soulja boy off in this hoe

    Watch me lean and watch me rock

    Super man dat hoe

    Then watch me crank dat robocop

    Super fresh, now watch me jock

    Jocking on them haterz man

    When i do dat soulja boy

    I lean to the left and crank dat dance

    (now you)

    I'm jocking on yo bit ch ***

    And if we get the fightin

    Then i'm cocking on your bit ch

    You catch me at yo local party

    Yes i crank it everyday

    Haterz get mad cuz

    "i got me some bathin apes"

    Yessss that is the most talent Ive ever heard. Sounds GREAT!!!

    I think that intelligence is a major factor when deciding what you listen to. I cant listen to any illiterate person with a dumb voice and extreme slang, over an educated concious emcee like common, or talib kweli, o mos def for that matter. it doesnt register as music, instead listening to it, results in a head ache! Since we have been alive a bit longer than some people, we also have an understanding of how hip hop was at its finest, and the now slowly dying rap music of today. Talib Kweli brought up hip hop is dead in the year 2000, so nas is a bit late lol.

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    I am glad to see all of the young people who are responding to this question are feeling the way most of the people my age feel. We grew up on hip hop in the beginning with Run DMC, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Eric B & Rakim, NWA, etc... ya feel me. The crap they put out now is just something to jiggle your *ss to. Nothing of substance. There are no new KRS-1's coming out anymore with the exception of Talib Kweli and Common. It is sad that a generation of hip hop listeners will grow up thinking that real hip hop is Party like a Rockstar and A bay bay! You guys really missed out.

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    Nah. I don't think it has much to do with age. It's more about preference and letting go of the radio. It's a money-making piece-of-crap machine. how many songs can these fools make about coke, b*tches, and stupid dances(you already mentioned him for me).

    Youtube thumbnail

    I've moved over to underground hip-hop but I still like the old ones.

    Ice Cube


    KRS-One etc. etc.

    I'll be 17 tomorrow so, no, you're not too old, that sh*t is just wack music.

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    1 decade ago

    we still have Kanye West, Lupe, The Game, to bring back hiphop..

    but wish they could do songs for the people like 2pac did..keep ya head up, or life goes on type of shyt..

    Kanye West seems to be closes thing to 2pac type of songs..

    "Jesus Walks" "Hey Mama"

  • Well, i'm 18 and find myself listening to Big Daddy Kane albums all day no, it's not cuz your too old...

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