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How do you find out why you lost a point on Y answers?

I logged on today and it said I was down 1 point. I don't know what I did or how to find out why. I don't really care its just 1 point, but I would like to know why.

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    The -1 point is the result of 2 things happening. You got +1 for signing in, and -2 for an answer being removed, so that totals -1.

    Recently, YA instituted a process whereby when a question was deleted (for violations, for example), the answers had the points deducted as well.

    To find out at any time EXACTLY why points were added or removed from your account, immediately go to your profile (click avatar or name), click the Activity Details tab (next to Activity Summary) and you will see the LAST 6 things that happened on your point account.

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    Sounds like to me you gained and lost some points that equalled -1.

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    1 point ~ A Question you voted on was probably deleted after.

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    check your activity details

    that should tell you what happened

    i do theat the first thing when i get on this sight

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