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I am confused at how far along I am... ?

I had taken some tests at home when I found out that I was pregnant. I figred that I was further then the scan at my first DR appt because of my period.. Anyway the dr says that I am only 15 weeks, but going by my period I am a few weeks further then that... Last night My BF was able to feel the baby move from the outside.... My question is can the baby normally be felt on the outside at 15 weeks or do you think I am frther then that? by going by period I am due Feb 20 by the ultrasound it is March 7th.... I am so confused

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    if your last period was feb 20th then you should be 29 weeks 3 days. due November 27. but if your doctor says 15 weeks they are usually correct. but that is a very big gap for the doctor to be guessing. but at 30 weeks you can feel and even SEE the baby move from the out side. You'll have a second scan in a few weeks and they can give you a better pic of the baby and ask then about how far along you are.

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    A regular pregnancy can last between 38 and 42 weeks and still be considered full term. It is possible that the baby could be a bit smaller than usual and the baby could still be born anywhere in that 4 week time frame. I wouldn't be too concerned about the actual date - as babies arrive when they want to and are rarely born on their actual due date. Your doctor will measure your belly at your appointments, and will probably do another ultrasound further along in your pregnancy to get a better picture of the health and size of your baby. Congratulations and good luck!

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    Yes, you can feel the baby at 15 weeks. As for your due date, I would use the doctor's estimate, but remember it is just an estimate. I had the same situation with my daughter and even with the doctor's estimate, she was 9 days late. My son was 10 days early. Those estimates are only accurate to about plus or minus 2 weeks so your baby could arrive close to your predicted due date or as much as two weeks after the doctor's date. I would try not to worry about it. It will be hard not to when you are close to delivering as every day seems like a week, but enjoy your sleep as you won't be getting much after baby arrives!!!! Take good care of yourself. Congratulations!!

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    The scans are usually very accurate. It is possible to feel your baby at 15 weeks. Every woman is different. Your doctor will do another scan further along in your pregnancy.

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    i think the doctors are right, they can sometimes be off a couple of weeks but they usually know when they see sonogram, once u get a fw mons further along they will be able to tell better. some women can feel the baby kick or move betten 12-18 weeks others take them longer to feel it. good luck with the baby

  • all i know to tell you is count 2 weeks after your last period. thats how the doc measures it. the only reason why you would worry about the due date is if you have somewhere to be or your on some kind of time schedual, in that case, you need to be induced. that way you wont have to worry about when your due date it, its already set

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    scans are more accurate than anything.

    you might of just ovulated later than usual.

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    definatelY you can fele movement at 15 weeks! its probably not as disticnt as it will get but therE! much luck!

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    go by the scan.

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