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when i save an avatar, why won't it display on my profile? (it keeps showing one i didn't create)?

on my profile, it shows just the face...i saved the whole body, background, etc...the face it shows isn't the same as the one i saved either...i tried deleting it & starting over, but it keeps showing the same face i didn't create...would i need to delete the entire acct & start fresh, or is there another alternative?...i can't seem to find any info on this, so if anyone knows of anything i can do, thanks in advance for any advice =0 )

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    The face of the avatar is ALWAYS the only thing that shows. There is a process that you would need to go through to make the entire thing show that involves downloading the full avatar and using your 360 site to post it.

    As to the "wrong" face showing, first, make sure that when you save your avatar, you save it using the orange SAVE CHANGES button, and not save it to favorites. If you HAVE done the SAVE CHANGES, it may be an issue of time. Sometimes, it does seem to take a day or so for the avatar to update to the site properly.

    Feel free to email me for more details if you want (click my avatar, click my email link).

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    When u save d avatar, there is a small box under d avatar right? Click on the box (for only d avatar that u want to appear on the profile). Then, there's no prob anymore. Ur prob maybe coz u have click on more than one box, or save d wrong avatar. But, if my idea doesn't work out, just start the whole process all over again (it don't take a very long time and it is fun and enjoyable to create ur own avatar, right?)

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    yes i agree with Yahzmin: Semiretired you must create 360 account first then you can browse any pictures then save it ....and use it @YA.....Yahzmin: Semiretired is right...

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