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How long can your body last without drinking any fluids?

How long could a person survive without drinking water or any other fluids?

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    if the person eats, then he/she can survive for a long time, because most of the food we eat contains water. i sometimes stay for weeks without drinking water. but if the person doesnt eat and drink, i think 3 days is the minimum (that's what i've heard) but again it depends on how much is stored inside your stomach and depends on each person capability to bare hunger and thirst.

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    You're body NEEDS water, it's what keeps you hydrated and keeps your skin clear of blemishes. The more water your body lacks the more oily your skin will get because when you don't have enough fluids in your body it's natural reaction to keeping you hydrated is producing a large quantity of oil, you'll notice a difference in your skin. You need water, milk, and fluids with calcium. Try to avoid soda and anything with carbonation. IT's not healthy for your body and really does a number on your stomach lining

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    Well it depends on the situation such as the temp where you are. You would last only a couple days in a hot temp.. a bit longer in a cold one. You could drink your urine (lovely, i know..) and add a bit more onto that. A few days, max.

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    I saw a TV programme where they talked about the law of three:

    3 weeks without food

    3 days without water

    3 minutes without air

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    It would really depend on your environment you're in, but anywhere from 4 days to about a week I would imagine.

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    Three to four days

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    2-3 days i've heard

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    three to four days, a week with other nutrition

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    About two weeks.

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