What were your favorite "summer filler" shows? Will you miss them?

We've been fans of "The Closer" since it started, and this year we've been watching "Damages" (might not miss that one, we'll see if the finale offers any redemption), "Saving Grace," (irreverent, but entertaining), and "Burn Notice" (right up there with "The Closer" as a keeper).


makeitright -- Thanks for the tap on the shoulder. Yes, we've also been watching Army Wives and Side Order of Life. We've liked both and don't know why they ended AW with such a cliff-hanger.

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    I definitely will miss The Closer.

    I just watched a few Damages because I love Glenn Close and Ted Danson.

    Saving Grace is really entertaining. I was shocked with the beginning of the first show and then it turned out better. At least, we are learning why she is the way she is.

    I love Psych and Monk too.

    Also watched Side Order of Life and Army Wives. One more about the psychologist, can't remember the name.

    The summer shows at least keep us entertained. Closer is at the top though.

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    1 decade ago

    I have to agree with your assessment. The Closer is the best show on TV, period. Burn Notice is entertaining, fun, and always on a move. I find Saving Grace totally enjoyable...these three programs are the best acted on TV. I watched the first installment of Damages, but did not want to get involved in a serial. Perhaps I will watch it in reruns, for Glen Close is one of my favorite actors. I used to like Monk, but his neuosis has had its play, and the plots have become far too thin. Psychic is overplayed, and most of the time, just silly.

    Isn't it sad that the Summer series is far, by far, better than the junk that is thrown at us during the "season?" As far as I am concerned, the "season" is a vast wasteland. I have watched about all the Law and Order/CSI reruns that I can stand. Perhaps it is time to head off to the Video store and start watching all the movies I have not seen (almost all).

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    The hubby and I love the Closer, and Burn Notice is my now my favorite show! Still have last night's new episode on the DVR and we watched most of the marathon yesterday. I can't believe there is only one show left I will really miss that one until it comes back. We also like Saving Grace and Damages, although we are a few episodes behind on each of those - don't know what we would do without the digital recorder!

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    I really didn't watch a lot of the summer fillers, they move shows around so much and they are on for such a short time, I gave up. I also am looking forward to House, also Bones, Men in Trees and I like Friday Night Lights. It has good characters and brings back memories of those friday night football games we never missed.

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    The Closer definitely! Saving Grace is also quite good. I use tivo so I can watch them at leisure and not torture hubby. He like Lady G's hubby prefers Ice Road Truckers and light hearted fare. He falls asleep early and I read so I tivo the shows I want to watch. I wish Saturday Night at the Movies would come back!

  • Lady G
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    1 decade ago

    Since I couldn't get The Closer before (we upgraded our cable service in July), I've been enjoying catching up on the shows I've missed for so long. I used to watch it in Florida but haven't seen it for 2 years. Other than that, I enjoy game shows where I can test my own knowledge. When hubby gets the remote I see things I wouldn't have chosen for myself, but he's interested in them: Dangerous Catch, Ice Road Truckers, a bunch of the food shows, How It's Made, etc. He's much more curious than I about how things work.

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    I am afraid that none of the filler shows this summer impressed me. I hate reality TV, although I must admit that I was watching the last few episodes of "America's Got Talent" with bated breath, because I felt the ventriloquist was SO GOOD that he should win! I was happy for that one.

    Like one of your previous answerers, I am eagerly awaiting the new seasons for my favourite shows...although if House doesn't do something to redeem himself and prove he is human very soon, I may decide to stop watching HIM! My other two eagerly awaited shows are the original CSI (Las Vegas), and Grey's Anatomy.

  • 4 years ago

    I completely pass over Drake and Josh. Brings returned maximum of suggestions :{) Haha I keep in mind the Teenick thingy too! I trust you approximately having 2 sepearate channels. lots extra convinient I hated Ned's Declassified. I even with the shown fact that it became merely kinda stupid, sorry.

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    I enjoy The Closer and every Fall I wave it farewell. But now comes Grey's Anatomy... must see how Bailey is doing!

  • deb
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    1 decade ago

    I am ready for the new season to start...especially HOUSE!

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