Light control (X10?)?

I am new to X-10, and have one light switch that I would like to control via X-10 (the light swith for my outside light is in a strange place and I do not want to re-wire the house to move the light switch.)

I know that I need a wall switch (

and a controller




--Is there anything else I need?

Do I need some kind of tranceiver, or do the remote controls or mini-controllers handle this?

If anyone has any ideas X10 or non-X10, it would be appreciated.


Ok, so it make sense that I would need a transceiver if I am using the remote control, but what about the mini-controller as it plugs in to the wall?

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    You’re missing the module to receive the controller RF and transmit an X10 signal. Link provided below

    Strongly recommend the website SmartHome. They have X10 and their proprietary Insteon / X10 combination products.

    X10 requires a noise free electrical line while Insteon provides a backup RF signal. Failing fluorescent lights or even an attic fan can provide sufficient electrical noise to prevent successful X10 transmissions

    You can call SmartHome for technical assistance 800-242-7329.

    Good Luck ~


    Your last link to Home Depot doesn’t work. If it’s the X10 Mini Controller Model 4030 for $11.99 – You are correct – that will turn the X10 switch On/Off .

    Source(s): Compact X10 Plug-In RF Base~ Mini Controller Model 4030
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    No,just the wall switch and the remote(controller).With the remote you can control only four wall switches.For more you need a transceiver.

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