What are brakes made of?

I'm doing brakes for my senior project and i need info on brakes. so if anyone has any info on this subject please feel free to answer my questions. thank you

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    Brake linings can be of a variety of materials, everything from crushed walnut shells to modern ceramic compounds have been tried. The best as far as durability and heat dissipation were the asbestos compounds, but the health issues with people servicing the brakes made them a thing of the past.

    Aside from the pads, there's also the rotors and drums to consider, the metals being used also dictate the heat dissipation rates. The inexpensive rotors and drums at the chain-type auto parts stores are generally made of metal compositions without the much-needed and expensive nickel , which produces a longer -lasting, warp-resistant rotor or drum.

    Source(s): ASE Mastertech
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    In the past brake pads or shoes were made from asbestos. Now they are made from nonmetallics which are synthetic fibers bonded together to form a composite lining, semimettalic, which are a mix of organic or synthetic fibers and metals molded together, and fully metallic, these are used only for high end race cars, which are made from powdered metal . Hope this information helps.

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