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Car squeaks???

I noticed yesterday that my car is squeaking. It started when I pushed the gas and continued even after I took my foot off. It did stop squeaking when I pushed on the break. Any idea what this could be and what kind of price I may pay to get it fixed.

Not sure how long it has been doing this. My husband uses the car most of the time, and says he never heard it. I find it hard to believe it just started for me. I do know it was not like this last weekend.


2001 Saturn. Just hit 100,000 miles.


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    If it's a high pitched squeal you hear that stops when you apply the brakes - It's probably the sensors on your brake pads. Manufacturers put a little metal tab on your brake pads that squeal really loudly when your pads are getting thin. This allows you to have your brakes redone before the pads wear out completely and ruin your rotors.

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    there could be something stuck in the pedal that is making it squeaks. but i suggest that you take it to a mechanic to have it checked out.

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    dave has it..u need brake job..NOW..dont wait...

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