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Long emo hairstyle for girls!!?

I'm a teenager,still at school. I want to find a long emo hairstyle (with both color and cut if necessarly)...but i want it to be good for school too, i mean no highlighted colours or anything too much cause i won't like to get an exclusion just for dying my hair o_0

I hope for someone to reply back real soon! Thanks =]

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    ok go to photho bucket and type in emo or secne hair !!!!

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    You can try just leaving your hair out, if you're allowed to. However if you want a real change, there are many things you can do.

    Firstly i suggest you get side bangs or a thick fringe-anything that hangs into your eyes-very emoish. If your hair is thin, get short layers so that when you put it in a pony it looks spiky-emoish too. Colours can be anything you want, but black is great.

    Styles to do would be leaving any bangs/fringes out and just putting it in a ponytail, that is quite emoish. You can also leave it out after having it layered.

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    The guy in that movie called Joe Dirt had one. Title main character, he looks for his real parents and to find out why they abandoned him. In the end his parents are jerks.

    I believe its calleda Mullet. Short above the ears, straight foward natural long in back.

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    how bout shoulder-length black messy hair with feathering... no actual why dont u learn no longer person-friendly and do something greater efficient than irritating bout being a "cool emo". btw, the two words contradict one yet another. purely kidding dont get offended ;)

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    change your whole hair color to a different color that will complement your skin and face. The whole color change might do you some justice.

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    i LOVE this girls haristyle! you dont have to color it, but the color shows how its cut. look through her pics.

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