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I have about 4100 cal a day, why am i still skinny?

I have about 4100 cal a day, why am i still skinny?

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i have mainly good health foods and alot of fat is in the food too.


im 29yrs old

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    You have to consume more calories than you're burning if you want to gain weight. Remember that doing lots of cardio activities will burn calories, so keep it to a minimum.

    If you want to pack on muscle, than research some weightlifting routines for "hardgainers". Also note that you need to eat even more, for the calories that you burned during weightlifting.

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    Hi Jake

    My son asked the same question about a month ago just before school started..."Why am i so skinny" .".I can't gain any weight".. He eat very well and it's all the right ..Why no weight gain...

    Well Jake the answer is that everyone is different and your bodies motabalizm could be much higher then the average guys..( motabilizm is the energy used by the body to burn food ..and to give you energy). Over time the motabilizm slows down and people gain wieght....( the body can't burn food and fats that fast anymore)

    My suggestion to you is to eat high fat foods ...startchy foods ( pasta ,breads ,rice, potatoes, and if you want a supplement like "weightgain" or any other brand that you drink, check with a local health store...

    I hope i helped a little ...Let me know how it goes..

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    Your an ectomorph body structure. Like me. You can't look or be as big as some guys because your bone structure or muscle mass is not the same as a 250 - 295 pound guy. So start by eating 6-7 meals a day of good protein, carbs and fat. Supplement with a casein, whey blend protein drink between food meals to get that 6-7 meals in your body. I used a personal trainer at the gym and learned how to properly do leg presses, leg curls, squats, cable pull downs, cable rows and bicep curls triceps curls. The leg routine and proper diet made me grow like crazy just by itself. The back and arms routines just rounded my body out. With 45minutes in the gym for weight training and 8 hours of sleep with the nutrition plan above you can get off the 4100 calorie a day diet and pack on some muscle which will make you look great. You may not look as big as you may want but you will look better than skinny with the muscle you build. Hey I can't even blame my dad (genetics) for being small boned he was alot bigger bone man than I ever will be. Much success to ya.

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    4100 cal is more than enough for normal people. That you remain skinny, several factors might be taken into account:

    1. Digestive tract cannot absorb properly

    2. Losing glucose via the urine

    3. Hyper metabolism, such as hyperthyroid

    4. Exercise.

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    My answer to you would be that you have a high metabolic rate. Your body simply burns or utilizes the food you eat about as fast as you eat it. (People would kill to learn how to get this in a pill) There are many ways to gain weight from high protein shakes to simply eating before going to bed. If you really want to gain weight, wait until you reach the age of 45-50 years old. You WILL gain weight and probably not where you want it.

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    u have a super fast metabolism and if ur an active person u would burn loadz of calories...Also if u use ur brain alot say for studing or palying games etc... u burn loadz of calories....

    Also i dont think u will be able to gain weight unless u go to a doc and he gives ya some weight gain pills..theres nothing wrong with ya the time ur like 40 ur metablosim will get slower..then u will deff gain weight :-P

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    How old are you? Have you finished school? Is your work stressful? Do you have any health problems? Are you stress free? Gaining weight is a contribution of various factors other than just food.See a doctor you could be havin somethin eating you up.

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