What does the rainforests do for us? example: provides oxygen, etc?

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    1 decade ago
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    it stores carbon dioxide. It makes life for animals and insects and stuff possible. And the rainforests are called "the lungs of the earth"

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    Many people have written that the great Amazon rainforest produces such and such a percent of the Earth's oxygen.....but that is not really correct. Scientific studies have shown that rainforests consume as much oxygen as they produce. The net effect on the Earth's atmosphere is zero. Most of our net oxygen contribution comes from oceanic phytoplankton.

    However, as I previously posted, rainforests are valuable because:

    Aesthetic reasons: tropical rainforests are a beautiful collection of flowering plants, birds, butterflies, etc.

    Technological reasons: the biochemical diversity found there is currently exploited to develop many new medicines and other products; the genetic diversity found in the life there will one day be used to develop even more medical cures and technological products.

    Ecological reasons: rainforests sequester a great deal of carbon and so mitigate the effects of global warming. Beyond this rainforests play other roles in atmospheric and climatological moderation of our planet, making life more comfortable for humans.

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    provides resources such as logs/timber, rubber, medicines, herbs, plants, animals, etc.

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    provides biodiversity, make sure you add that. It provides us with various types of plants so we can make medicines,

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