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Red Flags??

iI need to know if what I see as red flags are really red flags and I am hoping you guys can advise me.

I am in a discussion with a lady to adopt her Old English Mastiff one year old pups. They are both females, unspayed. During our emails back and forth a couple of things have been leaving me with a very uneasy feeling.

She specifically states in her ad the new owner must sign a statement agreeing to pay all medical on the pups. Yet she insists they are healthy and come from good stock. Now I did do research so I know these guys have the potential for major medical issues. So no problem with agreeing to this as I feel that is assumed when adopting any breed anyway. BUT...while talking with her it has come out these pups need immediate medical as they are behind on all normal vet care. Rabies, boosters ect. She has thus far not answered my question as to whether either/both of these gals have had a heat cycle yet, so since "dad" is still on the premises I am concerned of a possib


pregnancy. It is possible they have not had a cycle yet as they will not be a year old until Oct 13th. (spaying will be very soon).

She has just skirted the question thus far about that issue.

The other things she said are the pups are well behaved, basic training, walks ok on leash but needs work. They have been raised with 6 children, ages 2-12 as well as cats. Mom and dad are still there as well. Sounds good...until she said "just because they are well behaved here does not mean they will be at your house". Now I am not sure if she means destruction (I can live with that, training works wonders) or if she means aggression. She has also asked I send clothing for the dogs to sleep with so they get used to my scent. This makes me think it my be an aggression problem.

Update 2:

The pups are being offered for free so long as you have vet references, so that did not raise any flags with me. She has stated she just wants them in a home that can afford them and the vet bills.

I would just go see them normally, but they are 8 hours away and I m trying to decide if I should even make the trip.

Update 3:

do not expect any 1yo pup to come with no issues. I have no problem putting time and money into training if that is all this is. But I do have to consider my other pups (one is a 5 month old Saint Bernard, still in training), the cats and the grandkids. For those reasons I just can not do aggressive or unstable dogs. And even at 1yo these gals can do major damage to a small child.

So anyway, am I seeing red flags or am I just reading more into this stuff than I need to? Do I need to ask anymore questions before I make a decision? If so, what? I have asked about aggression and she says no, but then I got the "they may be different at your house" deal. One is a houdini...the other is "shy".

Update 4:

nevrsirnder~ I actually have THREE LARGE DOGS!!! Two are adults, both spayed. neutered and UTD on all shots. Obedience trained....ect. I have 176 acres of property and two acres fenced in for the dogs. I have the money to deal with potential medical issues, I have the time to invest in training. I amsimply concerned about the honestly of this person and wanted to see if I was overreacting. You are a A**

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  • Carol
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    It does sound a little fishy to me too. I would probably steer clear of this one.

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    If your gut tells you to run, then run.

    With that said, heres my OPINION if it were me. IF you have small children, i'd be worried about how the dog would act. Are the parents registered? If so, have you checked out the bloodline? Are you sure these pups are not product of inbreeding? If you feel the pups are in a bad spot, it would be in the best interest of the dog to be rehomed immediately. Ask to speak with the vet to see when the last time they were there. I wonder if they have ever been to the vet. If she's not had them on heartguard keep in mind theres a good chance they could have heartworm also. This is for ANY dog of that age. Look at all the bad possibilities with this pup and ask yourself if its something you could handle and if the answer is yes, then go for it. If the answer is no, then walk away and find a more reputable breeder.

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    Have they EVER been to the vet? If so, why not ask her for vet reference- If she talks to the vet ahead of time, you should be able to have them send you copies of their medical records (such as they are), and speak to the vet by phone to make sure that there are no serious problems with the health and temperment of the parents or the pups. If that checks out ok, I would make the trip to meet them, be prepared to bring them home if all is well, but also be prepared to walk away if its not. Its a long drive I know, but better to waste a day being sure of things than to spend the next how ever many years regretting it. I would, myself be a bit more concerned about the "shy" one....that's just my personal feeling, but I have always had an easier time dealing with a dog that is openly aggressive than one that is fearful, especially when kids are in the mix. If you do end up taking them, I would get them to the vet straight away before you even bring them home, just to make sure you are not bringing any illnesses home to your current pup. Best of and large sounds like quite a find if all is well.

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    I think you should go and see the dogs. Based on looking at the parents you should be able to tell how the dogs you are taking will turn out. It does sound fishy about the vet bills but it could just be something simple like a dog that the lady sold awhile back had health problems and she got sued and doesn't want that to happen again. I think the trip would be worth it and even if you end up not taking them at least you had a good reason not to. Good Luck!!

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  • g g
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    i know it is a bit of a drive but i would definitely go see the dogs before taking them. if you question their temperament and health issues, then see if you can find a trainer and vet to go with you or one in that area that can meet you there. do not let the breeder know you are going to bring them if they are from the area or she can influence them before they see the dogs. ask the vet if there is something they can bring to check for pregnancy too. after you own the dogs it is up to you to provide medical care so i don't understand what you mean by signing a contract for medical care. at a year old they should have had heat cycles at least twice. i personally wouldn't take any dog without seeing it first and the situation that the dog is coming from

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    I'd recommend bring a trainer with you. There are plenty of personal trainers available that will come to the house and assess the dogs before pick up OR you can talk to the lady and have them in the home for a trial period. At that time have a trainer come out and assess them.

    I would ensure they are not pregnant. However if they are or one is you are still able to get them spayed. It sounds harsh but the vet can abort the puppies and spay the dog in one surgery. I used to work for a vet as a tech and most have done this procedure many times.

    Training does work wonders and once spayed, if aggressive, the competitivness between the dogs will diminish. In addition to the training you will have 3 great HUGE dogs!

    I think you may be reading to much into it, however she doesn't seem to be giving whole truths either.

    Again, I'd ask for a trial period, up to one month. Ask her to get them up to date on their shots as needed - since they ARE still her dogs and her responsiblity. (People really need to consider what they are getting into BEFORE getting dogs!).

    Good Luck

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    I would have an immediate concern for the fact that this "breeder" has not kept them up to date on their vaccinations. Expecting the new owners to cover medical care is acceptable, but the problem is what else is wrong that she's not telling you about.

    I would ask about the parents OFA scores and I would be greatly concerned if they don't have them. As a matter of fact, if they don't have the OFA scores, then I would not even go in the direction of these pups, because they could end up with serious issues later down the line.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    there is no reason why a 1 y/o dog should not have all of its shots. thats just rediculus, and if its rabies that its not up to date on, thats illegal. as for the heat cycles, at 1, it probably HAS had its first, my one dog got hers at about 6months.

    many dogs do have a probably adjusting to a new environment, so it will have some issues, but i dont think its going to be aggression (tho you never know), just more like seperation anixety especially since its been living with its parents. i think it would be in your best intrest to visit the dogs first anyways, just to see the conditions first hand. also, raise these issues with your vet, see what they have to say.

  • Anonymous
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    Dogs do react differently in different invirments so she cant guarentee anything as far as behavior goes but I dont know about signin that responiblity for medical treatment papers def red flag there i would tell her you want a vet visit with your vet to make sure there are no major problems. if your vet gives the dog a clear bill of health i would them sign the paper

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would stay away from these dogs!

    There are many reputable breeders who place dogs - if you go to the akc website (, you can find a dog show near you. Do some research on breeds, go to the show, talk with breeders. Someone will be able to hook you up with a breeder that either has puppies or adults for placement.

    Best of luck!

    Source(s): Dog owner, assisted many others in finding puppies
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