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What is your opinion on this quote? (Critical)?

Comment and Revision are appreciated. Thank You!

* Preventive Self-Management is to do anything that is not in a rush or crisis but really important. Eg. Planning or Company's vision etc...

Ideologically, preventive maintenance is best known by the world organizations.

Hence, preventive self-management is well known by every successful leader in modern generation.

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    Preventive self-management is relevant to an individual's well-being. It is the healthy way to live one's life.

    Successful leaders know this about themselves, and transfer this knowledge to 'controlling' groups of people or organizations.

    Problems are either stopped before they happen or are immediately aborted when they appear.

    It's a good quote.

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    Sorry, I can't critique this piece of writing because I don't know what you are trying to say. Please re-write it in very simple, clear, basic language so that the meaning is clear.

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    I gave it ** star

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