Why are atheists moral people?

I know that its possible to be a moral person without God because I have seen people who are good people and are not religious. So Im not accusing you of being moral-less I just want to know why you strive to be a good person if you think life is meaningless and we just got here by a big bang and one day we'll be worm food and it will all be over.

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    Personally, because it's the right thing to do.

    Also, please remember, not all atheists are secular humanists. Not all atheists believe that this life is it. Even the people that believe this can have children, and want to leave a better world for their children than was left to them.

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    Firstly it is worth noting that atheism does not mean that you think life is meaningless. Far from it. [you may be thinking of existentialism and that too is not a lack of faith in 'life', either]

    I'm a committed atheist. I do not believe in any god or creation, in the religious sense.

    Instead I believe in people, man, if you like. So to me the question should be the other way around: How do people embedded in a formal faith, with all the moral decisions being laid out for them, keep from straying when there is no precedent set by their ancient set of values?.

    I worry that when you don't have to develop your own moral code, that is pertinent to your current existence, you are not properly equipped to deal with others. And we can see examples of this all over the world. Those with unbending views, set out by scriptures written centuries ago, fail to connect with anyone else.

    Don't get me wrong, I never belittle anyone's faith: whatever it takes to get you out of bed is fine with me. Just don't expect me to go along with it [just as I expect you to only read this and see that it s merely my personal point of view]

    I do not believe in organised religion and I do not believe that it produces people with sustainable moral codes.

    So to the 'from big bang to worm food' bit:

    When you believe that we are merely an insignificant part of a huge process and that our beginning, middle and end will have no real bearing on how the universe will continue, you are free of the narcissism that being important brings. You can see clearly, then, that what you do each day matters only to you and those closest to you [that could be our whole global community, by the way] and so your values and choices are purely contextual. For me that is the right way to live.

    I'm not banking on an eternity in an afterlife to make up for my miserable life on earth. My life on earth is all there wil be: So make the most of it. And if you waste it, so what, too. It's your life, after all.

    My final point is this. If you spend you life doing 'good' because you will gain reward in heaven [or whereever] are you really doing it for the right reasons? Are you helping someone because it is simply the right thing to do or because, ultimately, you gain reward for it?

    If an atheist helps you push you car, you have been truly helped, by someone who is doing it because they feel it is the right thing to do and no other reason.

    Atheists don't start wars, either, I might add. [if a bit churlishly]

    Enjoy your chosen path...

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    It's my belief as a Christian ( albeit a poorly practicing one) that atheists choose not to accept or worship a God. I'm a firm believer that everyone has a right to their own coices as far a religion goes.

    So why does someone have to have a God to be a good person, it doesn't make any sense. The way I see it, when an atheist makes a poor decision they blame themselves, not the devil or some other "evil power". They accept that the choices they make are their own and not determined by some " higher power".

    Hmmmm talk about responsibility for one's own actions. Maybe the rest of us should take the hint.

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    Just ?????????There are 70.000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in the universe

    The universe has diameter of 92.94 billion light years

    Light travels at 186,000 miles per second


    186,000*60 = minute

    186,000*60*60= hour

    186,000*60 *60* 24 =day

    186,000*60*60 * 24 * 365 =year

    186,000*60*60*24* 365 *92,940,000,000= the diameter of the universe -in miles of course

    If we are the only life in that entire damned near incomprehensible amount of time and space then two things become readily


    Anybody that casually uses the word "just "doesn't understand the problem

    Anybody that is capable of creating all that doesn't give a bunch of shepard's a pen and tells to explain it all to the world

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    Morals don't have to have a theism background. I like to think of morals as basic common sense.

    I'm a nice person and stand on good moral ground because of my odd love for other people. I grew up with good people and it rubbed off on me. Doing the "right" things aren't hard and I don't have to believe in anything to be a good person. I'm hardly wicked by design. :)

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    Morals are indicative of a persons character and not there religous preference I choose to be a good person because i dont want to be remembered as a bad person not because i fear that a great and powerful being will burn me for all eternity, being good because you are under duress does not necesasarilly make you good it just shows you know how to behave.

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    Life isn't meaningless. We're here, and we should make the best of it. That means living in peace and harmony. Morality is not religious in nature, rather societal.

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    we don't think life is "meaningless". We strive to be good people because its the right thing to do. Not because we're scared into it by some fictional deity. life is full of meaning, valuable, and since you only get one, you oughtta try and do it right, don't you think?

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    Many atheists have a principle that they seek to live by: it is called "The avoidance of unnecessary harm." Basically they strive to avoid anything that would cause harm to humans and nature, simply because the general consensus is that harming things is a bad thing to do.

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    Morality is a meaningless man-made concept. It is a vain philosophy of man, so why wouldn't those steeped in their own humanity be moral?

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