Why do kids from the so called "popular" crowd think that they're so "popular"?

Usually they are the least liked of kids because of thier ********* and fakeness and overall how they treat people. I like in the DC suburbs of Northern VA and all these "popular" kids either uppity rich kids or athletes. I can't stand them. I'm stright from DC and PG County and they are always talkign down my city and on my favorite county. VA is no better, matter in fact its even wacker! Anyways, it's not like this in DC at all because mostly everyone comes from the same background. My mom said most of the Black people in Nothern VA act bougy and act as if they were too good for DC, I agree with her! When I first came here everyone thought I was ghetto just because i came from DC. My mom wanted me to be homecoming queen buyt I told only rich white girls or the "popular" rich Black girls ever get on the homecoming court and most of the girls are light skinned. My mom said back in DC there wouldn't be no light=skinned dark skinned thing it only like that because there are white kids.

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    i don't think there is anything wrong w/ the black people in northern virginia. some are ghetto and some are not. but everyone from dc isn't ghetto, but most of dc is the ghetto. you might be safe there because you are from there but it isn't safe for thoe sof us who aren't used to that environment. it is the same in pg county. it isn't safe nor is it nice, most of both places are run down and full of projects. and w/ that comes the people who live in the projects and who run down these places. all people that live there don't but many do. and va is sooo much safer at least you can go more than two blocks w/ out seeing a liquor store, but in dc there is one on practically every corner and there are almost always people standing around doing nothing in front of them. i get scared anytime i go to dc, because of how run down it is and all of the people standing around, but that only happens if i am lost and get turned around and wind up going to anacostia. which is terrifying

    and the whole homecoming thing is about popularity no matter where you go to school. it is all about whether or not you are popular, and just because people don't like you that doesn't mean that you are any more or less popular. popularity is all about who knows you, not whether people like you and also how much you make an impression on people. and there are many black, white, and other race people who are popular.

    and if you have made something of yourself why would you want to go back to the ghetto or hang around people from the ghetto? it isn't "bougy" it is a matter of preference. and they probably prefer to be around people of equal status in society

    but that is my opinion and it has nothing to do w/ race, i just prefer to be aroudn certain kinds of people regardless of race


    when i went to high school in south carolina i went ot a "black" school and the whole homecoming court was light skinned black people, but the majority of the people in the school were black. so that shows that it is nothing racial. those people were just hte most popular and good looking in each grade. there were two in the middle skinned black people also in the court, but like i said these were the best looking and dressed people in the school and many people didn't like them, but everyone in the court had to be nominated, and these were the people who were nominated

  • most kids in my school have money so no one really cares if whos rich or not but the "ghetto kids" in my school are "popular" because they think they are "popular" and act like badas$es but no one gives a crap about them because they cause stupid drama b,c they dont have lives thats why i dont hang out with them my group just likes to have fun

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    Grow up. Learn how to speak. 'Wacker' is not a word in any language.

    You're just jealous because the rich kids get what they want. It's the same no matter where you go. Money talks and bull**** walks.

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    ummm.. that sounds a bit racist!

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