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Hi,can anyone tell me if the " ab king pro" helps in loosing ab fats?

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    Ab exercises do not reduce bellyfat -- they develop and strengthen the abdominal muscles underneath bellyfat.

    So, no. The ab king pro, the ab lounge, crunches, situps, side bends -- NONE of these will burn bellyfat. Fat is burned off the body when you are active and are eating enough and correctly. Abdominal exercises typically involve very little movement, so not a lot of calories are being burned.

    The key -- lots of cardio, a solid strength training program, a sound diet, and lots of patience will get rid of bellyfat.

    And by the way, you will need to lose fat all over in order to lose bellyfat. You can't tell the body to lose fat in just one place, no matter how much you train your abs. "Spot reduction" has proven to be impossible.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): Certified personal trainer, 20 years exp.
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