what is the meaning of URL adress,please can ugive me detail meaning?

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    As other saying URL definition. But its details are following

    url is the address u types in ur browsers addressbar. Lets take n example then i'll describe u..

    Eg u typed http://www.flickr.com/

    HTTP>> HTTP [Hyper Text Transfer Protocol] is a protocol that defines the rules of data[text, img, vid, aud etc.] transfer over web. it handles syncronization and flow of data packates. FTP is other File Transfer protocol.

    www >> World Wide Web is myriad of computer that are connected to each other to allow outer person to get access by their name, which coming next. u can see WWW as a roof where all global websites comes to share their services.

    Flickr >> Now that important, Flickr is Domain name of company, means its the name of their server/s which handling website . Just like ur mail box name[remember only name.. not yahoo or rediff etc]. here Flickr is known secondry domain, coz it refers single unique server name.

    .com>> Its primary domain name. which means its a commercial site. the other primary domains are.

    gov - Government agencies

    edu - Educational institutions

    org - Organizations (nonprofit)

    mil - Military

    com - commercial business

    net - Network organizations

    ca - Canada

    th - Thailand

    in - India

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    Uniform Resource Locator

    (pronounced: U-R-L or earl)

    An acronym/term that describes the location and access method of a resource on the Internet; for example, the URL "http://www.netlingo.com"/ describes the type of access method being used (http-the protocol) and the server location that hosts the Web site (www.netlingo.com-the address). All Web sites have URLs. One could say a URL is what a telephone number is to a telephone or what a street address is to a house. Because Web site URLs are sometimes long and hard to read, Web browsers (such as Netscape Navigator) have a bookmark feature that gives users the opportunity to save the location (the URL) of sites you'd like to return to.

    Retrieved September 14, 2007 from http://www.netlingo.com/lookup.cfm?term=URL

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    All of the above answers are essentially correct, but they leave out a crucial factor. Every computer on the internet has an Internet Protocol (IP) address. This is a four byte address that is generally written as four 3-digit numbers (e.g. But people being people, we want more readable addresses, so URLs were created. When you type the URL into your browser, that text string is sent to a computer called a Domain Name Server (DNS). This is generally a service provided by your ISP. The DNS tranlates the text string into an actual IP address, and the IP address is used to make the connection to the service you are trying to find. This all happens transparently to the user.

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    Uniform Resource Locator


    World Wide Web

    Http: Hyper Text Transfer protocol

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    URL is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator and is a reference (an address) to a resource on the Internet.

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    If you look up on the screen and to the left you will see Address and where you type in the site you are searching for such as www.aol.com or www.yahoo.com....those are url addresses.

    It's what you type in the search bar to take you to a certain site.

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