Immigrants are the worlds strivers. Why don't we encourage them?

It's a big step to move to a new country. It takes drive and motivation and courage.

Immigrants are famous for building business on hard work and sacrifice, and yet so many people are against immigration.

Why is that?


I would like to include some illegals in this (the honest ones if you know what I mean, not the criminal type). The main reason is that from most places there is no practical legal way to enter, AND the harder it is the smarter the guy has to be to get in.

e.g. to go overland from Iraq to Malaysia then island hop to Australia is an awesome undertaking that requires guts.

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    You're correct. The countries with the greatest entrepreneurial spirit are the ones founded on immigration. If you take all the great immigrant nations in the world - the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Israel and Singapore - these are the healthiest countries in their part of the world. If you take nearly any nationality in America, the members of that group are wealthier than the people where their ancestors came from. This might not be true of Dutch-Americans or Norwegian-Americans, but it's true for all the other groups. The ambitious emigrate. The lazy stay home. It's also true that criminals try to go to more lucrative markets, and we need some vigilance to stop them, but that shouldn't lead to hysteria that more than a tiny fraction of immigrants are going to be problems.

    I think the anger about immigration comes from a variety of causes. Some people are law-and-order types who are upset only about illegal immigration and are not opposed to higher quotas. Some are not willing to work as hard as the immigrants will for the same money, and are worried that their wages will be lowered more than their costs. Some are xenophobic. Some are concerned that with the modern state-financed social system, allowing poor people into Western countries leads to a situation where they collect more in social benefits than they pay in taxes. And, of course, there are a lot of people who truly welcome more immigration.

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    Legal immigrants are fine. Illegal immigrants take from the citizens of the countries they invade. But why don't we all join them? Apparently this world has gone crazy, and people are entitled to nothing unless they go to another country and take it from the citizens. Those seem to be the type of people we are supposed to admire.

    Carefully planning and successfully pulling off a bank robbery takes guts and brains, but should we encourage such behavior?

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    We do! We encourage them to immigrate LEGALLY. It's the ones who come ILLEGALLY we don't want. No one is against immigration. Why do you and people like you keep confusing ILLEGAL immigration w/ LEGAL immigration?

    I am 4th generation LEGAL immigrant. My family came to America LEGALLY and forged a good life for us. All we ask is that people immigrate LEGALLY.

    Well, tough nuggies to your add on. My family had to pay to be stuffed in a ship which took weeks to get here. Coming LEGALLY is the only way we have to control who we allow in to this country. Shouldn't we have that right? When they come here ILLEGALLY, there is no way to separate the good from the bad.

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    "It's a big step to move to a new country. It takes drive and motivation and courage"

    Well it also takes a legal visa.

    As a CBP Officer I welcome many LEGAL immigrants every day. I have no problem with legal immigration. I do have a problem with people who lie and misrepresent themselves in violation of Federal Law. those are the people I send home.

    By the way, I don't think moving to Australia takes any guts at all. I know plenty of people who would give anything to live there.

    Source(s): Me-CBP Officer
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  • Wiz
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    I know a lot of people and none of them are against immigrants. What they are opposed to are illegal aliens in our country. Being illegal means they are criminals and everyone should be opposed to criminal activity. (Well, except for Rudy Guliani who cannot seem to make the connection between an illegal act and a crime.)

    Bottom line, we do encourage immigration, legal immigration.

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    We do. US is the largest recipient of immigrants. We had a record number of legal immigrants coming in last year. We would ahve more, but illegal immigrants have flooded our country and prevented certain visas from being used. It's ashame that we tolerate criminals like illegal immigrants, we would have more of these fine quality legal immigrants in this country.

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    To late there already here illegally> We the people are encouraging them to leave>Come here with standards & legally and not as a criminal with deceit & malis in the hearts>Anyone can have drive & motivation & Courage the prisions are full of such people>

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    Not as much courage, motivation and drive as it does to make their country a better place to live. I think it is a cowardly way out.

    Because when this country has the population of Bangladesh it will be like Bangladesh.

  • Bob
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    1 decade ago

    we do encourage immigration but somehow it always becomes confused with illegal immigration. there is a huge difference some people seem to be missing

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    people dont seem to realize that it is NOT EASY to just enter a country and *snap* your legal. It's very very tough.

    Especially in these times. Thats why there are so many illegal immigrants, and alot of them DO pay their taxes, and work very hard.

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