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How can Hinduism be the oldest religion when Adam was the man on the planet?

Adam was taught that God is one

Hindus pray to many Gods

Some may argue 'one god in many different forms' but this is what Adam was taught not to believe he couldn't have been hindu !!!

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    Whoever 'taught' you that "Adam was taught that God is one " ?!

    That 'Adam was the (first) man on the planet' is itself a myth, concocted by self-styled 'prophet's - who had nothing but personal and material gains on their war-oriented violence-based 'religious' agendas.

    Their so-called 'God' did not even know that our planet was spherical, or that the Earth revolved around the Sun - simply because the crooks who invented this 'God' did not know any better !

    ...I can understand the illiterate goatherds and ignorant camel-drivers, of the medieval world, falling for such fiction - and willingly forcing and coercing 'all non-believers' into 'accepting' their 'religion'.

    ...But, how is this farce still continuing even in the 21st century ?!

    ...Try to clean up your own 'faith' first, my friend - and then try commenting on others' faiths.

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    It is only village idiots that believe Adam was the first man on earth. The vedas arguably date all the way back to 80 000 BC. Tell me, was Adam around during 80 000BC. The real name of Hinduism is "sanatan Dharma" which means in sancrit "eternal religion" because Hinduism is cosmic. It existed before the world was even created. According to abrahamic people Adam does not go all the way back to the era when civilisation flourished in India.

    Check out this

    and in this forum (my name is "vedic guy") I am having a debate about the origins of the Hindu race. feel free to join in the debate whenever you want.

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    If you the veda you will the true form of Hinduism. today what ever islam or any other religions are propagating is from veda. in Athraveda it is clearly mentioned to worship only the supreme lord non else. it is a irony that hindus have lost link with veda and started following the puranic story and started believing the characters in puranic mythology as gods.

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    If Adam is the father of all and if he was taught that God is one.

    Then how come generations after him come to believe in many Gods, does that mean Adam did not teach his sons and daughters, that there is only one God??

    Or do you mean that those who believe in many Gods come from evil and those who believe in single True God come from Adam??

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    When Adam came around,Hinduism was already there,which is more than 5000 years old.Incidentally,it's more a way of life than a religion.Like are entitled to your belief and for that you don't have to run down any other faith or belief. A faith or any faith for that matter, doesn't need facts,logic, rationality and any substantiations.It's either there or not there..

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    Hinduism is indeed one of the oldest known religions. Adam is a metaphor. An allegory. A story about where we came from. The Vedas had their own creation stories before Genesis was ever written ...

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    I don't think Hindus believe in Adam.

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    can u prove that adam was the first man....... and think wht u r talking abt.... u r relating 2 different religions.... according to hinduism, the first human were manu n sudha..and they dint eat the apple of wisdom.. there is no adam in hinduism..

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    It is ridiculous to discuss about the oldest or youngest

    about any faith .can we ignore the wise ideas of an young

    intelligent educated person ? can we accept the dogmatic

    irrational ideas of an aged person who is unducated and

    inexperienced person simply because he is aged? if it is so

    ape(monkey) is the species of living beings on this Earth

    accoding to darwin.Then why should not we follow the actions

    of the Ape ?


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    Hinduism in among the oldest, not THE oldest religion.

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