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i need help deciding what to do with my girlfriend?

My girl friend just asked me the strangest question. She asked if I thought it was weird for her to date me a guy and another girl . I told her yea that I would feel un comfortable with that and she said okay .... But the girl she likes is someone she hangs with a lot and I don't know if I can trust her now ... Plus my girlfriend already lies a lot now about small things like working at a tatoo shop when she is 16 which is almost impossible or having a iphone for 2 weeks before breaking it yet she has sprint service..... I don't know what to do any advice would help.

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    Uhh is she crazy? maybe she jus wants to impress you

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    Why don't you believe she worked at a tattoo shop or that she had iphone?

    The reason why I asked is because by the time I was 20, I'd live on 3 different continents and had jumped out of airplanes, abseiled out of helicopters, crossed the US 9 times and had been to every state - including Alaska - except Hawaii.

    I had a friend who told everyone who met me to take everything I said with a "grain of salt".

    Your girlfriend may very well have done the things she says she's done and unless you have concrete evidence, there doesn't seem to be a reason to assume she's lying.

    Incidentally, the woman who was telling our mutual friends to swallow that grain of salt about me ended up being the one who was lying all the time. I mean really lying like telling everyone in our house that she'd paid the electric bill after we gave her our money only to have the lights go off mid-sentence as she told us. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.....absolutely true.

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    Personally, I'd jump for joy if I had a bisexual gf. However, I don't.

    It sounds like you two need to have a nice chat about your trust insecurity. It's natural to be insecure about it a little. Personally I think it's unavoidable. However, you don't need to be worrying if she's 'cheating' on you with someone else. Just tell her how you feel I suppose. There's also more factors to this situation like age, maturity, relationship duration, etc.

    Hope that helps.

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    she sounds like a liar. confront her about it and talk to her. since she already lies no wonder you are having trouble trusting her. Tell her how u feel, and if ur still having second thought u might wanna break up with her. or go on a break until she decides what she wants.

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    Test her, tell her you wanna join in.......2 birds 1 stone: you'll know if she's a compulsive liar and if she's really going to date another woman. Then ask for advise....LMAO

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    This girl sounds like a liar....If you've been with her for a short time I would dump her...I would let my girl mess around with another girl, but not actually have a relationship

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    just get to know her better first, maybe just let it be with this other girl is the best option, jealousy never a good adviser

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    Maybe your girlfriend simply wants to get reed-of you, so if I were you start to drop her off....

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    Ask if you can join in on the fun ????

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