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What do all of you Dick and Dani haters think now that they are the Final 2??

They Rock.... gotta love'em....

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    Not a hater at all. I don't think it could have turned out any better than this! I have loved the two of them since day one. I was sooooo happy last night when Julie said "Congratulations Dick you are the finale HOH" . me and my hubby jumped strait up and started cheering!

    I am so sick of everyone on her bashing them They truly played this game and that cannot be said about most of the house! They were on the block more than anyone else and came up winning the challenges when they needed to.

    I'm not worried about who wins now. Either one would be fine with me. What a great season! That's my thoughts....thanks for asking....Happy Watching!

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    here's what has confused me from the beginning. do you remember the first night when the "4 others" were introduced to the house guests? the four others included Dick...remember? you remember that the original house members made a pack that those 4 would all be the first to go...(cause remember how upset dani was about her dad)---so everyone assured her that he would be voted out with the rest.

    What the Heck happened? the first 3 got booted...but Dick still remained and EVERYONE else in that house forgot about the original pack. far as i am concerned Dick deserves the GRAND PRIZE!

    Dont like him, dont like his attitudes, dont like his tactics...but as Zack said last night..."They worked"...Dick Had ALL The Game...the rest of the players (unfortunately) could not match him.

    i am sorry he is sitting where he is...but honestly he REALLY deserves it...he played the BEST game of anyone!

    thanks for asking :)

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    I think that the rest of the house guests were stupid to leave them in the house. I swear it's like none of these people have ever watched a previous season. If you don't get the strong players out they will dominate and win. Dani was strong early on, they were fools. They all deserve to be in the jury house. Dick and Dani played their game.

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    This Dick and Dani hater thinks it's going to be sweet justice when their relationship falls apart after they win the money! The love of money is the root of all evil (no pun intended). Just look at all the celebreties. Dani loves money more than her father and that will soon come out. Their relationship would have been much better off if neither one would have won.

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    I love it!!! My husband and I have been fans of the D & D since the beginning! I'm so excited. We both jumped and starting cheering when Dick won. Dick is obnoxious sometimes but he knows how to play the game and look where it got him......I really would rather Dick win the money cause he would probably give Dani a good bit of the winnings and I can't see her giving him any. Although they are both coming out pretty good!!! I can't wait til Tuesday!!

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    Love Dick.. don't care for Dani all that much. But they did play a great game as a team!!

    I really feel that Dick deserves the money!! OMG He was so horrible to so many people in that house and still managed to say week after week after week!! Everyone hated him, but look where he is now!! He is the man!!

    I would love it if the jury votes for Dick!!! I wonder what Daniele's reaction to that would be??

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    I'm not a D & D hater, I think it is awesome. I was on the edge of my seat during the Evel Dick vs. Zach Q & A competition. Dani's reaction when E.D. was priceless & should be included on a highlight reel if they ever make one.

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    It's not that I hate them - I just got tired of the whining and tantrums. There was a point (before all that) where I wanted them to be the final two. Now, there is no point to watching Sunday's show. I will watch the finale and as much as it pains me to admit, I hope Dick beats Daniele.

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    I totally agree with quick_sand. They are only still around b/c of America's Player. I think that whole twist was probably put in to help them from the start and the viewers fell for it. They were not so "estranged" as was said. They were partners before they even entered the house. My only hope left is that ED wins it all. Dani is a WHINING, SPOILED BRAT!!!

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    I wasn't ever a hater, still am not, but I was pulling for Zach. On the second show, I told my wife he would win. He would have at least made final two, had he used his last veto. But, he had made a commitment, and he kept his word.

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    well, again....let me burst your bubble now.....the Evil D's did not win this all by themselves!!!!

    America's Player Eric had a task WEEKS ago to campaign to get the other person evicted instead of Evil Dick when he was on the block, and Eric did just that.....

    So, had no America's Player existed Dick would have been gone WEEKS ago!!!!!!!

    Sorry, but they "shafted" Nick, because of Eric, and that is the ONLY reason Dick is still in the game, the house guests would have tossed both Evil D's out a LONG time ago!!!!!

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