So I'm starting NuvaRing ..?

I'm supposed to insert it the Sunday I begin my period, and I got my period today so that would mean this Sunday. I'm confused about if I insert it that would be gross with the blood and whatnot .. but that is what i'm supposed to do. Could I still use tampons while it's in? That doesn't make sense to me either ..

If you're on it or know the answer please help


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    If you are supposed to do it then, that would probably cut your period short. Of course, it's dealing with hormones, so anything can happen. Relax, and just let it all happen as your body gets used to it.

    Inserting your ring is kind of tricky sometimes, especially at the beginning If you're bleeding from your period, that will actually make it easier this first time since it will act as a lubricant and help it slide in easier. (Just remember to wash with soap and water after.) I find its easiest if you just squeeze two of the sides together to make it pretty elongated, relax, and push it in. Takes a few tries, and the first time you may want to be sure you're attempting over a clean surface, just in case you drop it. Then go ahead and shove a tampon in after it.

    Inserting it is kind of-vaguely-like inserting a tampon. it doesn't have to be in any particular position or location, just make sure to shove it up in there far enough that you don't feel it, like a tampon. It's pretty much completely unnoticeable day-to-day, which makes it great. And you can definitely wear tampons, just make sure that when you remove your tampon, your Nuva doesn't fall out as well. (It *can* pull the ring out, but usually it just slides right out and your Nuva stays put. I've never had trouble with it).

    The most common side effect is slight weight gain and sometimes more discharge with a slight odor possibly. The weight is pretty common with all birth control methods, and the discharge is actually rare, but just wear a liner daily and that takes care of that. All-in-all, I love it, it's so easy and convenient and great! They took care of all usual side effects for me, no moodiness, cramps or unbearable bleeding.

    I did notice with me that my cycles got way shorter (yay!) and they had a tendency to get slightly later each month for a couple months. The first month, I got my period the day before I was supposed to take it out. By the time I stopped using to try to get pregnant (little over a year later), I would take it out on a Friday and get my period on the following Tuesday. It's gradual, but those months where it went to the following day than usual scared me until I figured out what was going on.

    Nuvaring's are awesome, great choice! I've been very happy with my experience with them. Good luck!

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    I was on it about a year ago and they had me put it in on a Sunday but not the Sunday i had my you can do it either way....... If i were you i'd wait till your period is completely over then put it in that coming sunday (just know that it takes the ring about a week or 2 to work!) and then follow the directions about that from there.....i believe it is the 4th sunday you take it back out and sometimes your period comes about 3 days after that........i eventually had to get rid of the ring because it kept sliding out and i was too sensitive to it (burned)......but good luck either way!!

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