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Fan warning on compaq computer shuts down.Replaced fan but.......?

The warning continues at start up and then the computer shuts down. How to I reset?

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    If you are sure the fan is working correctly then go into the BIOS (Look at the POST screen... it'll most likely be F1, F2 or Delete) and look for setting that could possibly be in the Hardware Monitor section and find the CPU Fan sensor ( which shows up the fan's RPMs ) press Enter and select Ignore and save & exit

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    Your PC probably requires a fan with an RPM sensor in it to report to the motherboard how fast the fan is spinning. If you put a fan in that does not have this sensor, your PC will think that the fan has seized up, even though it is moving. A fan with an RPM sensor will have 3 wires instead of two.

    If your replacement fan has 3 wires, then make sure the following is true:

    * Replacement fan plugged into the SAME plug as the old fan plugged into.

    * Fan is not plugged in backwards.

    If everything looks right but there is still a problem, then your fan might not be compatible with the motherboards RPM reader.

    This was the case with my friend's Dell. Her fan was replaced with another 3-wired fan but the motherboard still could not detect the RPM of the fan. It turned out that Dell had used a proprietory fan/sensor combo that was not compatible with the new fan. She had to order another fan from Dell to resolve the issue.

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