Does the lack of sexual desires in elderly people mean they have made a conscious choice to become asexual?

I am posting this trying to understand the "logic" used by those who thump the, a child does not have sexual attractions so therefore can not be gay. It seems to me that these "genius's" are mistaking sexual orientation for sexual urges. So I pose this question of them. When we age to the point where we no longer have sexual urges are we therefore making a choice to become asexual?


I believe you may be mistaken by my thought of elderly. I have worked in a long term retirement facility. I have met fourteen people over the age of 100. None of the ones that I asked had any sexual desires.

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    It's not that they don't have them. They don't have anyone to act with. Consider the generation that these folks are from; once their spouses die, their desire for sex is supposed to die. Being in Geriatric Care myself I heard it from quite a few elderly ladies but I also caught a few couples en flagrente as it were. If they were both consenting, I left them alone; if not, then there was a problem.

    My parents, who are in their mid-70's are quite active sexually and my partner and I -- who are in our mid -40's -- are having are ups and downs but that is because of menopause and the distance factor.

    I might put out that your theory, my Dear Friend, might have a few holes in it simply because of the difference of the generational biases not because of age itself. It's a great theory though.

  • Tony A
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    It depends what you consider to be old. I am 62 and if I see an attractive woman who is firm of breast and flat of belly I still get memories. It is just that the urgency of conquest is now slower in rising. Let us not forget Charlie Chaplin who is reputed th have sired a child in his eighties. Don't kid yourself about older people. We can still perform when the need arises. It just takes longer.

    The sexual act is for the purpose of procreating the species. A man and a woman can do this. Two same sex partners cannot, therefore it cannot be considered a natural act. I don't give a damn' who wants to live with who or what they do to each other but they just weren't made for that. That should be worth 10 thumbs down.

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    i'm in my Nineteen Fifties so i'm uncertain I qualify as "elderly" (yet I aspire to!). I even have purely had a reasonable decrease in choose, at a point consistent no longer purely with becoming previous yet with distraction through fact of different existence problems. So sure, intercourse remains needed to me. and that i can actual think of the approach purely continuing because it has. And sure, i detect women human beings of their 40s-60s captivating. Plus, with actual reproduction off the table, various the mating dance and gender-distinction bullcrap may be allotted with, and you are able to the two be yourselves and actual work together as human beings. That makes for the two greater ideal intercourse and greater ideal companionship. .

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    I don't think we make a choice to age, therefore old folks are not "choosing" to be anything.

    SEXUAL attraction has nothing to do with one's SEXUAL orientation. One's being heterosexual, bisexual, etc. generally means that one is attracted to those respective genders, not that they want to have sex with them per se. Many heterosexuals, while attracted to the opposite sex, have no interest in sex whatsoever, but this does not make them asexual.

    Secondly, I don't know of anyone who will say that a child does not have sexual attractions.

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    You are misguided. The thought that elderly people do not have sexual urges is mearly a myth.

    The fact is, sexual feelings are felt by very small children and also in the very elderly. Too many parents scold their little children for "touching" themselves.

    I think we just don't want to accept the fact that our small children and our grandparents are interested in these feelings.

    I hate to upset your day.....but our grandparents are having sex as we speak.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have quite a few lovers that are elderly and no, they aren't asexual. One particular old guy is 74, hung like a horse, stays rock hard all night long and has the stamina of a marathon runner. No one, young or old wears me out like this guy.

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    Good luck! I assume you're not too old yet, but many "elderly people" are quite active sexually.

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