can you help me explain this to me?

My online professor is asking me to,

Q.Identify the Role and Responsibilities of Canada Border Services Agency.

Web site:

He is asking me (When you have completed this post your answer to my attention under assignment tool on the homepage.)

Now my question is there is a lot of information on this website there are 25 pages. Is he asking me to right down the important role and responsibilities of Canada’s border in detail and e mail him that or what is he asking me.

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    The answer is on the link you included.

    About Us

    What we do

    With a workforce of approximately 12,000 public servants, the CBSA provides services at approximately 1,200 points across Canada and 39 international locations.

    We manage 119 land border crossings

    At 61 land border crossings and nine international airports, we operate on a 24/7 basis.

    We have marine operations at three major ports and postal services at three mail centres.

    We operate four immigration detention facilities in Laval, Toronto, Kingston, and Vancouver for individuals deemed to be inadmissible for a number of reasons including: posing a danger to the public or to national security; unlikely to appear for an immigration process; or for whom identity has not been confirmed.

    We administer more than 90 acts and regulations on behalf of other federal departments and agencies, the provinces and territories.


    CBSA responsibilities include:

    We administer legislation that governs the admissibility of people and goods into and out of Canada

    We establish how people and goods move through our borders

    We detain those people who may pose a threat to Canada

    We remove people who are inadmissible to our country, including those involved in terrorism, organized crime and war crimes or crimes against humanity

    We interdict illegal goods entering or leaving the country

    We protect food safety and the environment by stopping prohibited or hazardous products arriving at our air, land and sea ports

    We promote Canadian business and economic benefits by administering trade legislation and trade agreements to meet Canada’s international obligations

    We enforce trade remedies that help protect Canadian industry from the harmful effects of dumped and subsidized imported goods

    We administer a fair and impartial redress mechanism

    We promote Canadian interests at various international organizations

    We collect any applicable duties and taxes

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    I believe the professor is asking you to navigate the website and find the area that provides the role and responsibilities of Canada's border detail and then to answer the question. Yes I would think it is in detail and can be done in less than one half of a page. Believe you will find what you need if you click on the link you attached and then click on "abouth the CBSA" and then on "what we do". Good luck!

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    Just scan through the 25 pages and get a general concept of what you think the role and responsibilities are, then send it to him in a small paragraph form. Look for words that you would associate with roles and responsibilities, then focus on that paragraph/sentence.

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    That's easy: CBSA is the Canadian equivalent of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Their role is to control the entrance of people, goods, and currency into Canada. They are responsible for protecting the Canadian people against individuals who may try to come into the country illegally and any harmful things they may try to bring in like illegal weapons or bombs, they assess duties and tariffs on imported goods, they are authorized to seize goods and conveyances (cars, trucks, etc.) that are brought into the country illegally, and they are allowed to detain and deport individuals who break Canadian Customs laws. That's the basics -- the website can give you more of the particulars.

    Source(s): I work for U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Detroit, and we deal with CBSA on a regular basis.
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