Help, my son thinks elmo is real?

What do you do about that issue? Right now, he's only seventeen months so what age do you be talk to children about what's real and what's not. Elmo is so sweet, and seems like a real monster, but one of these days my son is going to know that he's not real and then I'm afraid it will upset him. How does that work exactly? My parents raised me to believe in the Easter bunny and Santa Claus and when I found out that they weren't real it made it hard to trust my parents. I don't want my son to go through the same thing.

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    Don't worry about it right now he will know when he gets older. Its a natural process kids need something to believe in other than their parents. santa, cartoons e.t.c as they grow up they realise more about there surroundings and will ask question than you answer truthfully.

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    17 months is very young to disappoint him by telling him elmo is not real. I personally think it is cruel for parents to not allow their children to go through the Santa and Easter bunny fantasy. My friends parents told her when she was two, and now she is really upset that they did that. She also ruined it for many of her peers by telling them at a very young age. I think that letting a child believe in those holiday creatures and TV characters like elmo isnt going to harm him. If he gets much older and still believes in them, you may want to tell him, but I think you have a while to wait.

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    Seventeen months? Oh, my God! i got here across Santa wasn't actual on the age of 9. 9 years previous, I mean! the only concern is that Elmo's function of touching on himself and others interior the third guy or woman would desire to instruct infants fallacious English utilization.

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    At that age, let him enjoy the fantasy. He will grow up faster than you realize.

    Source(s): Raised two myself.
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    he, ll grow out of it when i was younger i thourght the things on button moon were real ha ha ha

  • Elmo's not real? Oh no!

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