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If feminists think men should get their own campaigns to get the help they need and that is equality, then...?

Why do they ask for men to help them with their campaigns?

Example: The Violence Against Women Act was a result of campaigning by feminists, when men bring up the fact that women are violent at an equal rate to that of men and if feminists are about equality, then feminists should include men equally in this protection from domestic violence.

Feminists on here have responded to that by saying that men need to get off their butts and campaign for a Violence Against Men Act and that men's issues are not a feminist concern (even though feminism is about equality).

If that is the case then why is there a section in VAWA on engaging men and boys to stop violence against women? If the politics involved is to be partisan that why should we care about anything but stopping violence against men?

Why is there a white ribbon day campaign? Shouldn't this just be hijacked and turned into a stop violence against men day?

And why should men's tax dollars go towards VAWA programmes at all?


Thankyou Ashley H for once against demonstrating that feminists wish to deny women's violence against men. And what do you mean I "ruin feminism for men".. by trying to ensure they aren't victimised by it? Sorry, what is good for you does not automatically make it good for men IN THE SLIGHTEST. Please try to remember that the world doesn't revolve around you in future.


206 scholarly investigations: 159 empirical studies and 47 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners.

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    Because they want what they want and say and do anything that it takes to get it.

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    Where I believe we should be on this and similar issues, in 2007, is a campaign to stop domestic violence...period. The mention of women or men exclusively negates the other, and I think we have concluded that the violence now goes both ways.

    Any time we have organizations, exclusively, for one gender or another, it is the polar opposite to the ideals held by feminism.

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    Because it is easy, most men are suckers for women. Why not use that as a resource?

    Even when men oppressed women, most men would die for a woman and go out his way to protect her. Men have a built in urge to protect women. It is hard wired into us. This is why fighting discrimination against men will be so hard, other men.

    Women on the other hand have no such drive. They are content with calling us dogs, pigs, and sperm banks. Thus have no problems treating us as such.

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    Happy, this is a wonderful idea, but feminism is a grassroots idea that took off. Gloria Steinem's original Line, "The personal is poitical," applies to you too.

    Why don't YOU lead the charge in a Stop Violence Against Men campaign? I think you would be fabulous at this, given your background, knowledge and dedication. Stop criticizing "feminism" for not doing it.

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    Because women wish to retain the right to assault their husbands/boyfriends and then have him arrested for a domestic! That's women's rights for you!

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    it must really suck being so bitter and all?

    when was the last time you saw african americans working for the good of whites? including us in their programs and fights? that's right, you don't. whites do not benefit their direct cause and why fight for someone who already has what you are fighting for? this is just an example.

    as for feminism, men like you are the ones that ruin it for every man. and how can you argue, reasonably, that women are equally violent to men? that's pure crap.

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