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Are these jokes inappropriate? What do you think of them?

First joke: a picture of a black couple,the bride is yellow,the groom is dark brown..the room the pic was taken in is dark and it's hard to make out the groom's face.Below this photo is text reading,"THIS is why you should've worn white!"

Second joke:There is a picture of an orc creature from "Lord of the Rings"..the text below it reads,"Midevil Looter".Next to this picture is a pic of a black man walking through a flood area with a basket of store items..the text below reads,"Modern Day Looter".....................

How would you interpret these jokes...What are the punchlines?

Are these jokes racist?


A white "friend" sent these to me and acted as though he didn't understand why I found them offensive...

Update 2:

He referred to the jokes as "edgy".

Update 3:

That's what it was! I couldn't remember!"This is wy it's important to smile"....Still,is the joke racist?

Update 4:

I REALLY don't think another black person would make these jokes....But if he was black,I would be surprised and assume he has some issues with himself and is projecting them onto his skincolor.Either way,I'd be offended.

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    I would consider them to be racist. If I was black I don't think I would appreciate those jokes.

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    The first is questionable - I can appreciate it without thinking any less of anyone, but it is probably not the in the best taste.

    The second besides being racist, has no humor.

    I have no clue why these would be considered "edgy".

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    first joke: it should be: "this is why it is important to smile"

    and the second one is just lame

    first one is fine... second one is pushing it!

    i don't know if it is racist! i would say no, but it's not like I have a book in front of me that tells me what's racist and what isn't!

    If your friend that sent them to you had been black, would you be getting this worked up about it?

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    confident jokes approximately removing somebodys god givin freedom.. Aka slavery.... is extremely irrelevant. i think of ur somewhat rude for having no appreciate. perchance somebody could make a shaggy dog tale approximately something terrible thats occurred on your loved ones and notice how u react.

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    to a white - of course not as its on the black. many of them dont understd this as they dont suffer discrimination.

    to a black - its racist definitely.

    its tough to tell them to stop being racist.....

    soc has not come to tt stage where it will mean nothing - when the blacks r truly equal, treated equally

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    I'd say racist,and really not even funny,Dorky!!!

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    Most of the time ,if you have to ask if something is wrong,it usually is.

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    if you think they are funny ur a jerk,pull ur head in

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    sooooooooooooo uptight

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    depends on the person you tell it to really.

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