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how do i build a model house out of wasted goods?

its for my arts project.for example,what kind of materials do i need to make a chair the size of 10 cm or a bed and tv.and what do i make the walls out of?the house is 40 cm x 30 cm i guess.can't really remember,anyways,help me!

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    To build a miniature house out of scrap materials you need the ff. materials.

    1) for flooring- use a thick cardboard or used plywood

    2) for walls - same materials w/ some plastic mat for accent

    3) for roofing- use corrugated cardboard or sand paper pasted on plain board

    4) for windows: use transparent plastic

    5) furnitures: used match boxes,small plain box,es,used fabric,foams and old toys chk the scale so that every item is proportional to the whole house.

    6) for mini appliances- use old toys, representing whatever appliances you want to show

    7) for lawn: use sand paper painted to show grasses

    use foam pasted on match or barbQ stick cut to size to

    represent trees & srubs or planters.

    8) for painting of your project, chk your store room for excess

    paint, etc.

    9) for glue, use you imagination were to get this materials.

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