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I am going to highlight my hair for the first time? I have dark brown hair (when its wet its black) but in the sun its medium brown, but anyways. What color should I get? Other people recomended caramel. I might get 2 or 3 blonde streaks too. But will this damage my hair when i dye it the first time? Can i make my hair silky again if it damgages? Because I have silky hair and I don't want it to be dry.

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    i think you should get the blond and caramel, that would look really good. the first time i got highlights, it didn't damage my hair. just make sure you wash it though....if you want it to stay silky always use conditioner.

  • I wouldn't go with blonde I would go with a lighter brown than what you already have. you don't want anything that may wash you out. and its your first time getting high-lites and its only a few your hair will be fine and it will stay silky just keep it hydrated!

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    it wont do to much damage, itll be fine.

    i suggest caramel or a really clean blonde fine foils

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