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how can i make a .bat file that i can send via e-mail?

ok, i know this girl, her ex-bf is blackmailing her with a picture she gave him when they were still together. and now her ex-bf is saying that if he doesn't get more pics he'll put the one he has on bebo. so i tried to make a .bat file to send to th guy's pc and it didn't work. how can i make one, then send it through a e-mail??


bambamitsdead-that nay be true, but i think him putting a pic of a half naked, 16 year old girl is hella worse than me destorying his pc....

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    well.. you can zip a batch file, its his choice to open it or not otherwise virus scanners among other programs block batch files in e-mails now-a-days because they automatically execute. they used to be fun back in the days of MS-DOS 6.22 and windows 9x.. sorry.

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    If you really want to get him, just let him post the pic and then contact the FBI. Since she's 16 it counts as child pornography, which is taken very seriously by law enforcement. In fact, you can even make an anonymous tip to the FBI now and tell them he has child porn on his computer and is using it to blackmail a minor into sending more child porn to him.

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    You are asking for help in commiting a crime. If you get help then you are guilty of conspiracy and the punishment for conspiracy can be higher than the punishment for the crime. Hacking a computer carries a jail term as a possible sentence.

    The sleazeball may be asking for it, but you are not law enforcement. Blackmail is a crime so she should go to the cops. Or a lawyer.

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    Even if you were able to send that batch file, he would have to actually open it and save it and then make it run, which is highly unlikely.

    If you think his crime is so bad that it justifies what you wanna do, then just go to his place and wreck his computer physically

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