My computer is suddenly starting to lag when I open pictures or play divx movies. What could cause this?

I have a pretty decent computer. It's got an AMD FX-55 processor, 2 gigs of ram, and an nvidia 6800 ultra video card. It's running XP Pro, so the OS should be fairly stable.

It's never had any trouble playing divx movies in the past, but just recently it's been VERY laggy when I play them. It's so bad I can't even watch them anymore. It also gets hung up sometimes when I just open jpeg picture files.

I tried setting it to 16 bit colors and that reduced the lag, but of course it didn't look as good in 16 bit colors.

My laptop is much less powerful than my main computer, and it doesn't have any trouble. I can still play divx movies just fine on the laptop.

I've already run 4 different spyware/malware checkers and did a full virus scan. I also did a complete harddrive scan. Nothing reported any significant problems. I downloaded the latest video drivers, but that didn't help.

What could be causing this? Any ideas on how I could fix it?

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    Run the task manager while you are trying to play the movie and see if there's a service that is eating up the CPU. There might me some program that starts when you start playing or opening media files. If so, disable the service or stop it and try again.

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    Definitely run a disk deframent and clean the registry. You want to perform these two steps because your CPU may be having a hard time find these files and files associated with it. A fragmented registry and files system will always cause your computer to lag.

    How to defragment your computer hard drive in Windows

    1. Open the Start Menu

    2. Click on My Computer

    3. Right Click your C: drive or your hard drive image.

    4. Scroll down to the "Properties" Click

    5. In the Properties Menus, Open the "Tools" menu.

    6. Choose Defragment Now.

    7. In the Disk Deframenter menu. Click on "Defragment"

    Use a free scan to find out the condition of your registy The page below offers such. Hope this helps!

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    check the Task Manager to see if your CPU is spiking and wether your Pagefile (RAM) is overloading(but i doubt that). Its possible its some task eating CPU power but maybe not.

    Run the Disk Cleanup tool and then run the Disk Defragmenter - that sounds like possibly a large degree of fragmentation in your video files (especially if its a freshly download divx file).

    Beyond that try disabling Disk Compression if you have it switched on - You will be able to fit somewhat less data but the compression forces windows to run a decompression on the file before execution: this is what could explain CPU spikes while loading - but I dont know which system process is responsible for it either.

  • 5 years ago

    My computer started doing this exact same thing yesterday. I haven't been able to find anything about it. It scared the crap out of me the first time it happened.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Computers keep track of everything, information from every website, every file - even if you delete them, they are still recorded on your hard disk.

    Do you ever clean your cookies, hard disk, do you ever defragment?

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