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did i get amnesia or something? or am i getting a severe memmory gap?

one night, i was just watching tv, it was i think close to 7pm by that time, anyway, i don't remember what happened next, it was like i was asleep but i wasn't? honestly, i can remember bits and pieces but not all of it, when i looked at the clock it was already 8 something, and i wasn't even sleeping, my eyes were open! my grandfather told me so. he was with me at that time, i dont really understand this, weird.. i hope its not a memmory gap, i'm only 14!

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  • ruby
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    You were most likely in a state of sleep. If this keeps happening to you, it could be focal seizures. If it continues, see a doctor.

  • 1 decade ago

    You were probably in that state before sleep where you are aware of whats going on but almost asleep. Its not a memory gap dont worry.

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