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PARAKEET screaming?

hey everybody. i was wondering why my parakeet does these obnoxious screams then continues on with his regular singing.. why? and why does he do it in the morning??? thanks

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    Parakeets live in flocks in the wild, morning wake up calls are instinctive for them.

    My parakeets scream if I do not have their area that they fly to in the kitchen every morning just so. They holler if I have neglected to give them their whole grain half a toast slice. They holler if I am at the computer too long without putting on U-tube videos of talking birds. They scream when they play tag during the afternoon.

    Parakeets being really loud is like beagles baying, it's just what many of them do. Make sure that your bird has food, treats and clean water, talk to him for at least ten minutes, get him out if you can to fly. Find out what music he likes.

  • My parakeets dont do it til about 12-1 every day right now they are doing their happy little chirp sounds. My house in the morning is insane with my birds which is why Im not allowed to buy anymore (lol) I have a total of 10 birds (parakeets, cockatoo,sun conures, paroletts, lovebird) and it gets loud here first thing in the morning and as the sun goes down. Ive been told thats because those times are when birds wild/domestic are at their most active

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    Parakeets apparently like to imitate sounds of other things. They squawk when they're excited. So, it could be that the song you hear him/her sing is really a performance of imitation, and the screams in the middle of it may be his/her squawk to say, "See how clever I am!" Generally, probably looking for attention.

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    Its lots tougher handy prepare parakeets whilst there is greater then one according to cage. the perfect element to do to coach them is to place them in separate cages till they are totally hand knowledgeable then positioned them back at the same time. If the cage is to small they're going to combat for territory. additionally do conceal their cage at nighttime so they pass to mattress once you do. My 3 parakeets in no way make a peep once I positioned their conceal on. sturdy good fortune!

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    the parakeet is wanting attention . he wants you to take him out of the cage and play with him and talk to him . he hears life and he wants to be part of that . good luck .

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    my love birds are doing that right now.

    my finches are also doing that to. it's just their nature to do it in the morning. what i really hate is when i turn the light on my male love bird really lets lose. and they are covered up. they will also chirp to music.

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    mine does the same thing but he only does it when he hears the other birds outside so that might be it.

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    It's natural.

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    Maybe wants attention?

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    its a bird they do that

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