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Atheist's: Ideally? What do you all hope to accomplish?

This isn't intended as an attack as I am an Atheist too. But if you could say what your goals so to speak are when it comes to conversing with theists? in a forum such as yahoo answers.

1. Do you just like getting a laugh?

2. Do you hope to educate?

3. Do you want them to admit there is no god?

4. Do you just want them to stop talking about it?

5. Have you ever actually gotten someone to change their mind ?

Please try to be as nice as possible with these answers.


Heroine: Did you mention Mormons and JW's because they knock doors?

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    I want people to start thinking about not legislating their morality - morality is a good thing but we should not force ours on everyone through the law.

    I hope that some people will learn that they are being fooled by creation "pseudo-science"

    I try to learn from others (believers and atheists) as well.

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    I have this deep, driving urge that I can't explain to know everything I can about every person I come across. I've found that the best way to learn about someone is to ask them about themselves; people like to talk about themselves. (This also works well on dates.) Specifically, re: your questions:

    1.) Y!A is good for a laugh occasionally. Some of the things here, though, are too sad to be funny.

    2.) To educate people would be nice. I like learning, I hope others do too.

    3/5.) I could care less what anyone else here believes. If you want to believe in God, Allah, Zeus, what-have-you, that's fine, just don't beat me over the head with it.

    4.) No, talking about it is what makes it fun.

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    I think it's a matter of just not wanting other people beliefs pushed onto us. I'm not necessarily athiest, more agnostic, but I still find it offensive that Christians and others are constantly pushing their beliefs on individuals and society as a whole (prayer in schools, constitutional bans on gay marriage, etc.) and they expect everyone else to accept it. However, when the tables are turned and they are faced with other people's ideas and beliefs they freak out, call up committees, protest, and generally throw hissy fits. So I think that when I converse with theists, I really just want to prove that everybody has a right to hold their own beliefs and find their own paths in life and no one should force beliefs on anyone else.

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    1. Yes I like making people laugh. But that is not what I hope for on here.

    2. I hope to make people think, just for a second that maybe they do not have all the answers.

    3. I want them to admit that nobody knows, they might be right, they might be wrong. It is not a 100% thing.

    4. No, talk is good, debate is good. I like people talking about ideas.

    5. I have made people think about decisions in ways they have not before, and that is what I get out of this. To make people think. Something that the bible or christians do not really encourage. I find it funny that Catholics, are the most educated and well thought out Christians. They have the most intelectual part of the relgion.

    What I want ultimatly, is that people who belive, do not try to change me, or make rules that affect me. Laws should not be of the bible, they should be just and of wise mens deliberations. I want power out of the church. It should be a place where people go to find love and safety, not a place to control people who do not even belong.


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    I'm hoping to get enough numbers of atheists together to build an army. An army big enough to defend the last bit of sane humans against the overwhelming majority of nutty religious fanatics, when the big battle of their so-called "Armageddon" (or whatever you call it depending what religion you belong to) erupts. Then the atheist survivors can rebuild planet earth and abolish any form of religion by promoting free thinking. Then we could finally start to explore the depths of space, and possibly colonize other planets and build more religion free societies and coexist as a unified race for all eternity.

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    it is a fair question.

    sometimes i ridicule the idea of "an invisible man with amazing magic powers" a little because i genuinely think the world would be a better place without silly superstitions that people make harsh judegements based on (so i am intolerant with the intolerant).

    years ago i had a great argument with a religious guy and he seemed to accept what i said. the next time i saw him he said he had gone home, prayed and that was that. i never expect to change minds. it is nice just to open them a bit though.

    sowing doubt is important. it is closed minds (not religious belief per se) that leads to bigotry and sometimes murder in god's name.

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    I want to understand what they think and why/how they believe. Without understanding people's belief systems, I think it's very difficult to be tolerant of them. Religion affects my life every day despite the fact that I'm not religious... so I need to be well-versed in the different elements of religion(s) so I can properly negotiate in a world where they is so important. I don't care about convincing people that I'm right, and I think that everyone has a right to believe as they choose. I just don't understand most theism, so I try to figure it out.

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    I used to be curious as to why people believe all the weird and different things they believe. Now I know why they do, I just find them mildly entertaining, kind of like watching an ant farm.

    But it is a very good idea for rational people to keep an eye on believers in god(s), after all it is their leaders who are causing the destruction of the modern world little by little.

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    Essentially all I want to do is live my life as long, happy and comfortably as possible. I don't try to change other people's minds, If it's what they want to believe, let them (Except if they're crazy like mormons, christian scientists or jehova's witnesses), but, all and all aside -- I just want to live an honest life, with or without god. Just because I chose to live without a mysterious being in the sky doesn't make me any less entitled.

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    Enlightenment cannot be taught , it needs to happen. When you see the truth after throwing away the blinkers on your eyes, put up by upbringing, surroundings, and centuries old knowledge which has no scientific base (that takes a rational mind and a brave heart) you feel liberated. Its up to you to tell the people that the earth is round and not flat. And its up to people to remove their blinkers and see the truth.

    There is no community or party or agenda, its only your true knowledge and your freedom from the untruth.

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