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Eyeshadow colour help please?

I have olive skin, dark brown eyes, and medium brown hair that is now highlighted blonde, some now actually consider me a blonde. I wear a lot of baby pink, fuschia, purple, white, blue and sometimes dark green, like you see in camouflage. i've heard you shouldn't match your eyeshadow colour/s with the colour you're wearing, example if wearing peach, should wear sparkly white on eyes. any truth in this, if so, what good colour match ups would you suggest?

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    well it depends

    sometime match it & other times don't

    you have to make a style for yourself that no one else can

    example: if your wearing peach color, you could wear golden color eye shadow or light brown, & even light green

    Dare to be different

  • As a person who works in the industry of beauty, # 1 rule never match eyeshadow to eye color. Work with colors that bring out your eyes. Since you have brown eyes you could go with anything, but purples always look best!

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    i guess if you are really matchy matchy haha you could match it with your clothes...but honestly when i find something that works for make up i stick with it...i don't really play around with colors alot...i just wear a pretty peach/white-ish color on my whole lid..and a little shinny light brown in the crease...and this basically matches anything i wear...and is natural looking...i don't really feel the need to always be wearing diff colors...but im sure you could do either one...if you wore a pink shirt...i wouldnt wear green or blue eyeshadow ya i guess in that way it has to match.

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    the truth is you should match the color of your eye shadow

    with your lipstick and blush on like what cameron dias makeup artist suggest

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    omg! i am jus like that..except i have dark brown hair...umm yu could use either a white,or a light pink or blue

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    brown like your eyes

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