Anyone/belief/religion...are we...?

already living in the "end times" i mean if everyone of you took a step back and sat down and looked at the World (forget the rat race we have in our nature everyday of our life)... and all the happenings, with all of the different people, places and things. The climate, earth, natural resources...disease, violence, bllodshed, SIN, i mean arent we heading to/or experiencing all of the horrible things (my lord Jessus) mentions?

Just my thoughts, i feel the we the people of the World are getting worse and worse in every single way... every single way! nothing these days is getting better, all i ever see anymore are things that make me bow my head and ponder, one of these days God is gonna come back and say i leave you "man kind" alone for ___years and LOOK at what you've done with the place!!!

I fear no man or nothing more than God. and i know we are all "in for it when he gets back"

What do you think? how do you feel? about any of this...

Thanks people, smile more, "/ JOe

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    "The climate, earth, natural resources...disease, violence, bloodshed, SIN..." Name a time in history when these factors weren't involved. The only one that wasn't in such poor condition would be natural resources. It seems much worse now because there are so many people on Earth now and we have the ability to know what is happening in other parts of the world faster than ever.

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    Ah .. the last days question again. Well, it's been a while. I know I've answered this one .... *hunts around* .. ah, yes. Three days ago.

    The last days, or end of days, is something that's preached by the followers of the evangelistic traditions of Christianity that concentrate heavily on death, and the promise of judgement in the Book of Revelations. The smug self-righteousness is annoying and just turns people off what they are trying to preach.

    Paraphrasing a few sentiments heard on this board:

    - you are going to Hell if you don't believe what I believe

    - the rapture is coming, I'll go to heaven and you'll all be left behind to burn

    - my way is right, yours is wrong

    It's saddening that these people can not see the sanctity and beauty of the world in which they live. They could work to improve things on this world, yet they are so focussed on the next that this world is neglected. It seems that the sentiment is that it doesn't matter what happens to this world as they're going to heaven - the quicker this world is destroyed then the quicker judgement day will come and I'll have my perfect life.

    If this outlook does not alter, then it's our children and grand-children that will suffer for the arrogance and lack of foresight of these people. This world is the only home humanity has, we need to find a way to live in balance with it before it kills us.

    Remember: Nature will survive, humanity may not.

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    Yes absolutely, we are, in the end days, everything, Jesus said, would mark the end days, is happening and, as you said, the world is getting worse, not better, if it was left up to humans humans would destroy themselves and are very well on the way, to doing so, now more so than ever, all of these happenings show how true it is, what the Bible says that man would dominate man to his injury,(Ecclesiastes8:9)althouh many today feel confidence in humanity, feeling that humans will change the world situation for the better, even with their past record, the Bible actually points to God's kingdom as the only hope for mankind.

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    I think you are correct.

    The bible says Israel will get their home land back before his coming and they have. That was in the '40's.

    More wars but we've always had wars. More "natural" disasters yes for sure! The gospel has had to be preached to all the world-this I don't know.

    But if one looks at hollywood or young people today we can see the morals have gone away at least in the U.S. New age and other "I'm God" are very popular which the bible said in the end times Men will see themselves as god.

    When? No one knows but God/Jesus.

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    It could be today and it could be another two thousand years. We have seen some pretty bad deals in the last 100 years. It could however get much worse. We watch and we pray. We know where we are going in the end. Home.

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    we took ADONAI'S garden and thrashed it. we murder

    babies Before their out of the womb. we hate, rape,

    steal and act Worse than the animals. we mock ADONAI

    and spit on the spiritual.

    ADONAI is sending HIS SON back. and NO HE is Not

    pleased. this will not be a walk in the park. the blood

    will be to the horses bridles. it Won't be no cookout

    and don't bring the kiddies.

    dear "/JOe: i hope your saved. love jetha

    Source(s): Complete Jewish Bible
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    i agree

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    I don't agree...

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