Dvd Burner Questions?

I am looking into buying a dvd burner for my old comp and i want to know a couple of things about them.

First what do the 18X AND 20X speeds actually mean?

Is there abig difference between the 2?

Second the dvd burner im looking at needs a minimum of Pentium 4 1.3GHz or higher CPU and 128MB or higher RAM.

But my old comp is only an intel celeron 1.2GHz with 240RAM

would the burner be able to work on it?


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    Hope this helps you out some. The 18x 20x any number x is the amount of rotations the disc will make when being burned. of course the faster it rotates that fast it burns. May not seem like much but within 1 minute the 20x drive will already be over 100 rotations faster the the 18x drive. As far as the requirements, first what I would do is see if there is another drive they may not require a 1.3...But i wouldn't worry too much.I play around with a lot of stuff on a comp and I've never had anything be incompatible because the processor was just a step behind.

    Source(s): experience http://www.scribd.com/doc/596/How-DVD-and-CD-Drive... of a drive on page 2/3 and 3/3 very bottom and top
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    You have the RAM requirements covered. I would be really surprised if 1.2 rather than 1.3 GHz would make a difference, and being a celeron should not be an issue. I would buy it from a store that has a no-restocking fee policy and 2-week return. If it works, you are happy, if it doesn't work, you return it having only lost some time.

    I have a MS game that "requires" a 2 gig processor, and complained about my slower dual core AMD cpu, but it runs just fine, and I configured the game to stop complaining. .

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