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Help with physics question, on velocity, accleration, displacement?

Things to know: Consider an object that is moving in 1 dimention only, that is [Forward or Backwards], [Left or RIght], [Up or down]. The object can have both positive and negative position, displacement, and velocity and acceleration vectors.

Question: Sketch the Position vs Time grapgh for the following situation: Mr. Burt, while coaching football was seen running up and down the sidelines as follows:

- Running north for 30m in 5.0 seconds.

- Standing at this spot yellow at a player for 3.0 seconds

-Running to a point 20 m south of his starting position in 8.0 seconds.

-Returning to the starting position in 4.5 seconds.

I know Yahoo answers doesn't have features to draw graphs like for this question, but can someone explain to be in detailed steps how my graph should look like, Questions after the graph is drawn include: 1. The average speed for Mr. Burt for the entire trip? 2. The average velocity for Mr. Burt for the entire trip?


3) The average velocity for Mr.Burt, from 2.0 seconds to 11.0 seconds?

4)The instantaneous velocity at 9.0 seconds.

- Please help me determine a good scale for my graph for the x and y axis's

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    Let x axis represent distance and y axis the time taken.

    Velocity for running north is 30/5 = 6m/sec

    Velocity for standing for 3 sec at yellow spot =0

    Velocity for running south is 20/8 =2.5m/sec

    Velocity for returning to starting position is 10/4.5 = 2.22m/sec

    Average velocity is (6+0 +2.5+ 2.22 )/4 = 10.72/4 =2.68m/sec

    On the x axis represent 1 m distance= 1 mm on the scale

    On the y axis represent 1 sec = 5 mm on the scale

    Your graph should be ready when you plot the following coordinates:

    (30,5) , (30,8) , (20,16) , (10,20.5)

    3. Avg Velocity = 2.68

    4. Instanteneous velocity =(2.5+2.22)/2 =2.36

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    2.4390 m/s

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