Ever met someone "not quite human"?

Has anyone ever met someone that just didn't seem quite "human"? I'm talking about something in their demeanor or personality that just seems a little off, not crazy, just like they have an idea of how humans should be, but not quite there. I have, one a few times, and they are stuck in my memory. If you have met someone like this, what did you think about it?

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    yep - in an airport and it did not shock me or even bring fear.

    So "they" are about. And confirmed some stuff I had read on the WWW of all places!!

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    I have while I worked in a Prison. There was one man that really stood out. He had been there for over 20 years, but he just had this feeling around him. Some said he had become "enlightened", others that he had found God, but on one would ask him.

    One day I was working in the rec yard and we were getting everyone to come in, well he was just standing at the far end looking up and not listening. The other officer with me was freaked out by him so I went.

    To make a long story short, I asked him what he saw (not what he was looking at) and he answered "tomorrow". I asked was it better then today and he smiled and looked at me (he rarely looked people in the eye) and said "It depends on what you really want it to be."

    I had no idea what he was saying so I made him go in to his dorm but before I could close the door he grabed my hand (the other officer started towards us until I shook my head) and he said "Just remember what is meant to be will happen but you have to look for the good in the bad and you will be happy. Tomorrow will be different from today and yesturday but you can make it good or bad by how you see it."

    He let me go and went and laid down.

    I am not sure what happened but soon after that I left my abusive husband, found my hubby (who is the man of my dreams), etc.

    I try to remember what he said and live by it, even though I really don't understand what he meant.

    I'm not sure what he was but he was not a "person" as I know of people. He was different...

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    5 years ago

    As a result of a supernatural experience I met God. I wasn't searching for him but he confronted me and caused me to ask the question who are you? how can I find out more about you and once I did I knew that there was a need to see my sinful life and confess I had been living a life the way I wanted without taking into consideration the facts about Christianity i.e. we were created for a reason, to find the way back to God. Some people never find it but I did once I surrendered totally to Jesus Christ and turned my life around. He transformed me. Once saved I remembered past incidents in my life when I had sensed the presence of a light in the room I was in when my father was preparing for a serious operation that assured me that all would be well and another occasion when in hospital myself I was very poorly following a serious operation and asked if I would like to take communion. I agreed and the form it took was basically being prayed for and being asked "Jesus stands before you, all you have to do is reach out to him". I never forgot the words and I then started to recover quickly but soon forgot the incident in hospital. It was to be much later that he called me in such a supernatural way that I could not resist him and I have never looked back. I had searched all my life for something and I didn't know what it was and I found it in a new life as a born again Christian.

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    I work in law enforcement, I see and meet people like this quite often. I have been doing this for 6 years and it still amazes me about the things people will do. I still question why people do the things they do, to stand in front of someone that just stabbed someone to death is an eye opening experience to say the least. I can look at one of these stone cold killers in the eye and it still creeps me out. There is no emotion and it is like they are not human. I am just gazing into an empty void and seems to be filled with nothing but hate.

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    At least once a year during the past few years I have met a woman who is selling something at the stores. Sometimes she would appear as human and other times she would have different features like her nostrils would look more like a cat or a snake and her teeth were also sharp like a cat or a snake. I also remember having seen and met a girl my own age who appeared like this when I was confirmed in church as a young teenager. I have also remembered her mentioning at least once several years ago that she was my "sissssster."

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    Well I think some of these people that you're speaking of are human but I get what you mean. I've met people who don't seem to behave or understand things like most people do. They're so different. There are people out there for example who never feel nervous about doing something on stage even if they've never performed on stage before. I think it's amazing yet strange.

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    I once found an article in a tabloid about "How to Tell If Your Co-Worker is a Space Alien." I tacked it to my cubicle wall. I thought it was a pretty good fit to one old character that used to wander from cube to cube, chatting with anyone polite enough to listen for a while before moving on... rarely doing any actual work. I had actually had him in mind when I read it, but never commented to anyone before I put it on the wall INSIDE my cubicle.

    Next time old Bob wandered up, he stopped to read it. Then he began wandering from cube to cube saying: "Suzi thinks I'm a space alien!" I could not have made that up if I'd tried!

    He was really a codgerly old drunk, but probably quite human. I felt sorry for him.

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    Yea, my exhusband. He was truly the textbook "sociopath", which is what you're describing. They are like cardboard people, with no souls. It does NOT necessarily mean they are evil people who just go around doing bad things all the time, like some people assume. It means that they truly have no real emotions and can't understand anyone else's emotions. It is a sad, sad existence. Took me a very long time, and LOTS of counseling, to discover what was going on with him. And a lot MORE time and counseling to decide that despite the fact that none this was his fault, I couldn't go on living with a cardboard person anymore. Now I'm happily divorced and finally living like a real human being again.

    GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

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    Yes...its scarey because you think you have a "hold" on people, like you understand them, but then they do something crazy, mean or malicious, for no reason, and it questions everything you believed that person to be about in the 1st place. Its hard having faith in people, when most of them are fake!

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    Often, but it is usually those people who are perfectly normal that disturb me (almost as if they are too studied in how a human is supposed to be and miss the quirks and define how we're really supposed to be).

    ... or were you refering to those old movies/books?

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