my best friend is getting married?

my best friend is a guy and he just asked his girlfriend of 1 year to marry him i known him for 15 years i never felt anything for him until the day i found out he propose to her i feel like julia roberts in my best friends wedding what should i do please help

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    you had 14 years before he met her to do something, if you couldn't be bothered in that time, then you have to accept you can't have him...

    try anything and you'll regret it...

    you could wish him luck and offer to be the last woman he'd have sex with before he gets married.... your choice...

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    I'm sorry you feel that way! I've been there before, so I understand how you feel. However, I have two different opinions on this. First, you did have 14 years before he got together with his fiance to say something or to realize your feelings for him. Did you not have any feelings for him over the past 14 years?

    Second, and more importantly, I have a feeling that your sudden feelings for him aren't that you really love him that in way but that maybe there's a bit of jealousy or envy there. I don't mean to say you're jealous of him or her! But that maybe you're wishing you were in that situation because now he's being taken away from you.

    A few years ago, my best guy friend suddenly fell for a girl and began dating her seriously (they're still together). Although I'd never had any feelings for him, all of a sudden I just KNEW I had to be with him! It was just out of the blue. Looking back, I really believe I was just feeling the loss of him leaving me for her. Of course, he wasn't leaving me since we were never together, but being so close, I felt like I was the only girl in his life. When he suddenly had another girl in his life, I just couldn't compete anymore. I wasn't the most important girl to him - even though we never dated and until that point I never felt anything more than friendship for him.

    It's one of those "you always want what you can't have" situations.

    Does that make sense? I really believe that you're feeling the same thing I was - a loss of that "once was" friendship as it's turning into something new - and pretty soon you'll realize your feelings are not exactly what you think they are.

    Anyway, I am really sorry that you're feeling like this because I've been there! So I know it's not easy. But I think if you do anything or say anything you'll end up regretting it. You will lose your friendship with him altogether and he's still going to stay with that girl. I feel for you, though! Good luck!

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    You are friends and have been so for many years. Don't spoil that friendship because of your own insecurity. You didn't want him as anything other than a friend but you don't want to change the status quo and it's scary now he's getting a life with someone else. Wish him and his bride well and be a friend to her too. I think the end of that Julia Roberts film says it all. She found the man of her dreams somewhere else. You will too.

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    I had the same experience before. While he was telling me about how he proposed to his girlfriend, i was just listening. But when he left, tears just flowed in my eyes! I felt i was losing my lover... I checked myself if i am in love with him and i realized its all friendship. I was crying because we were always together and he was the only guy in my life for i was unattached at that time. I was sad because i will be alone and he will be with that girl more often. After this realization, i told myself to let go and look for another guy coz if i married first he will also be sad.And you know what? Instead of pouting, I made sure i looked my best on his wedding day!

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    Well lets think of what happened to Julia in that movie... She tried to break up a wedding and it didn't work... You deff. shouldn't go there... But I bet you just have a feeling of emptiness now... I mean your best friend is getting married I am sure even if it was a female best friend you would prob. be a little jealous... Just think he is moving forward in his life and you aren't so it is most likely giving you mixed feelings maybe you just want a relationship like his too:) But buck it up smile and be happy for him

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    I think you are jealous of the new woman in his life and realize that your friendship will probably not be a strong now that he will have a wife. It is normal to feel that way. I doubt you have true romantic feelings for him or you would have done something about it over the last 15 years.

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    It sounds more like you are worried about something else than developing actual feelings for him. Just be happy for him and realize that eventually you'll find love too.

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    Best friends are supposed to be honest with each other. You must have a heart to heart talk with him, ASAP! Otherwise, you'd be wondering about shoulda, woulda, coulda for the rest of your life!

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    Sorry, but you have to let go. Let him marry the one he loves and be happy for him!

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